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5 Effective Growth Strategies to Boost Your B2B SaaS Sales

SaaS has taken our world by storm. Be it a grocery store or a huge financial institution, businesses of all kinds are using SaaS services extensively. 

And why are organizations accepting this cloud-based subscription software model with open arms? According to BetterCloud’s State of SaaS Ops Report, SaaS products improve efficiency, reduce human errors, and do much more. 

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The demand for SaaS products and services is enormous and if you own a SaaS business, the opportunities for growth are endless, provided you learn the secret to supercharging your sales. 

But in a highly competitive B2B SaaS market, how do you drive sales? It is quite a challenge and according to McKinsey research, SaaS businesses spend up to 50% of their revenue on sales and marketing. 

If you too are looking for ways to boost your sales and sustain growth, these expert-recommended techniques are for you. 

Let’s take a quick look at them. 

5 Effective Ways to Skyrocket Your B2B SaaS Sales

If you thought that creating a strong sales funnel for a B2B SaaS is very much the same as that of a B2C SaaS, you are wrong. As a seller, you need to actively educate, engage, and support your B2B buyers to convince them and boost sales. 

Here are 5 practical ways to drive sales to your B2B SaaS platform. 

1. Create Content for Pull Marketing 

Traditional marketing techniques try to “push” your offerings by saying that the clients can enjoy wonderful features at a great price. This technique hardly works for B2B customers as your target audience is well aware of the market. They also are quite clear about what they want from your SaaS product. 

That’s why one of the best techniques to drive sales for your SaaS platform is to create content for “pull marketing.” By creating valuable and authentic content, you can engage your potential buyers and impress them with your solution. 

Let’s say your SaaS business offers B2B subscription billing software. You can create webinars, ebooks, blog posts, educational videos, and guides to educate clients about how such a tool can simplify their workflow and improve their productivity. 

2. Adopt the PLG Strategy 

The Product-Led Growth Model is one of the most approaches to achieving sustainable B2B SaaS growth. This strategy fundamentally refers to creating a product or software which in itself is the primary lead magnet for B2B SaaS lead generation

This model can be highly effective if you have freemium software or offering free trials. By allowing your potential customers to try your SaaS product, you are letting the product speak for itself. 

Once your pipeline is filled with potential buyers who are genuinely interested in your SaaS services, pitch them with an exciting offer and seal the deal. 

3. Sell Customer-Centric Solutions Rather than Features 

When selling SaaS to B2B customers, you need to have a different mindset. Remember, your potential buyers have business challenges and they are looking for the best solutions. 

Instead of promoting your software on the basis of its features, train your sales team to listen to the customer and identify their business pain points. Then position your SaaS offering as a worthy solution that provides multiple benefits for the client. 

Establish yourself as a trusted advisor by making customers understand how your tools can help them grow. Grab opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling by bundling the right apps together that can benefit the customers. 

4. Make Personalized Sales Call 

When your prospects reach a stage in their sales cycle where you contact them personally, you switch to top gear. By now you would have gathered enough information about a prospect via contact forms and their activities on your website. 

If your ecommerce tool has a free trial, your potential customers might spend a lot of time trying its features. The data generated by their behavior can help you understand their preferences. 

By analyzing demographic information about the organization and its actions during the trial period, you can make a personalized sales call that is hard to resist. Again, your sales call should focus on how your SaaS can solve a potential client’s challenges and offer the best ROI. 

5. Make Onboarding Hassle-Free 

There is nothing your B2B customers will appreciate more than a smooth and hassle-free onboarding. This can be very effective in driving more sales for your B2B SaaS platform. 

Inefficient or complicated onboarding is one of the significant reasons why customers may never use your apps which leads to a higher churn rate. 

What does successful onboarding include? It’s all about providing expert support to your clients while activating and configuring your SaaS product. If required, the support can be extended during the data migration phase too. 

Successful onboarding increases trust, helps you retain more customers, and create more up-selling and cross-selling opportunities. 

Get Ready to Win More B2B Customers for Your SaaS Platform

As the market becomes more saturated, SaaS businesses need to invest in highly effective and multifaceted strategies to drive more sales. While there are no cookie-cutter formulas, you can rely on proven techniques to customize your growth strategy. 

Go ahead and adopt the techniques shared above to grab more growth opportunities and skyrocket your B2B SaaS sales. 

Sam Allcock
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