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7 Ways To Get Free Bitcoin Fast and Legit

In 2022, who doesn’t know about Bitcoin? Bitcoin development has jumped by more than 200% since 2021.

Many people are searching for methods to obtain free Bitcoin or other forms of cryptocurrency.

7 Ways to Get Free Bitcoin Fast:

1 – Cloud mining

The concept of “cloud mining” was created to make it possible to mine cryptocurrencies using rented cloud computing resources without downloading or directly employing any particular software or hardware. People can register for an account, make a little payment, and start mining bitcoins from a distance. As a result, mining is now more accessible and profitable for a wider range of consumers due to cloud mining enterprises. – One of the best cloud mining platforms of 2022.

Bytebus, one of the first companies to offer cloud mining services, was founded in 2018 and had more than 360,000 customers globally. You can easily mine for clouds by signing up for Bytebus.


  • Register to receive $10 right away.
  • Earn money without investing.
  • Daily plans are available for purchase.
  • Daily rate 2%-10%
  • No fees for overhead and power.
  • The knowledgeable crew provides 24/7 customer service.
  • Mine more than ten coins using the platform
  • To protect the system, DDoS and SSL are employed.
  • Make prompt withdrawals from your account and daily payments.

To learn more about Bytebus, visit




2 – Referral program: Earn bonuses by referring friends

You can earn money through various bitcoin referral program by directing customers to their website or app. Referral program membership is free. After making an account, you will be given a unique URL. Spreading the URL on websites, blogs, forums, and social media is up to you. You will be compensated whenever someone signs up or purchases through your link. The ability to get started quickly and make money is the main advantage. Furthermore, money would keep coming in for days, weeks, months, and even years after you put in all that effort. If you already run a website or have a sizable following on social media, a Referral program might be a great way to earn some good passive money.

You can start making money even if you don’t invest. You are qualified to receive a 3% referral commission bonus for each purchase completed by one of your referrals. So, for example, if some users used your referral code to make a $100 purchase, you would receive $3 for free.

To learn more about referral program, visit

3 – Airdrops

What are Airdrops? In short, crypto airdrops allow a cryptocurrency company to share its crypto for free to increase the company’s name. Airdrops are part of their marketing.

Here, We will share a trick to get airdrops that are easy to sell.

Usually, to get free crypto from a company that does airdrops, you will have to do a few things. Example:

  • Liked Facebook page
  • Liked Youtube page
  • Liked Twitter page
  • Liked Instagram page
  • Follow the Telegram channel

However, people participating in airdrops cannot immediately or instantly get these tokens. Usually, the company will distribute its tokens within two months or so for the vesting period (vesting period).

These tokens usually cannot be sold immediately because no well-known exchanges register the crypto coin. Tokens are very rare to be directly listed on a crypto exchange.

4 – Coinmarketcap

Who would have thought this site also gave free crypto? No responsibility; you sign in and immediately get crypto as a diamond.

Unfortunately, there are several steps you have to take to get free money.

The diamond cannot be sold or exchanged for Bitcoin or another crypto. However, you can still get free Bitcoins.

Check this link to see what items can be exchanged for Coinmarketcap Free Diamonds.

If you have seen, Diamond from Coinmarketcap can give you NFT that can be sold for thousands of dollars.

Not only giving away free Bitcoins, but CoinMarketCap is also giving away free money and another crypto with the Learn-to-Earn feature, and you can earn money.

5 – Staking

What is Staking?

Staking can be likened to a deposit in a bank. You save, and you will earn the crypto.


If you are staking BTC, you will also be rewarded with BTC.

The best platform for staking right now is Binance. But, unfortunately, other brokers lost far from the number 1 crypto broker.

The results of Staking cannot be underestimated. For example: Currently, Binance is providing 40% APY Staking for $CAKE tokens (pancakeswap).

Imagine if you have 1000 CAKE, you can make 400 $ CAKE, which can be sold for the equivalent of US $ 1600.

Unfortunately, Staking also has a drawback, namely price. You must have the capital to get a lot of cryptos.

Another drawback is the price when selling. For example, the cost of $CAKE is selling at $20 in 2021; if you stake and don’t sell, you will lose because in 2022, in September, the price of $cake is only $4.

Considering you are reading this, you are a beginner. If you’ve signed up on Binance, no matter how small your coins are and you can stake them, do it immediately.

6 – Bounty

Bounties are rewards when you do something at a cryptocurrency company.

Usually, you will be rewarded with crypto if you write or promote the company’s token.

The easiest thing as an Indonesian is to promote the crypto company in your telegram group or translate their White-Paper into Indonesian.

The bounty rewards are also quite large; some can give you $200 worth of their tokens.

7 – Admin Telegram

Working is one way of getting free Bitcoins in the crypto world. How come? Almost all crypto companies are overseas; with cryptocurrency payments, they can save on transaction fees as well as costs.

Almost all big companies need their admin on Telegram because the platform is a gathering place for the crypto world.

Admins on Telegram are usually paid using company tokens to save their fees.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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