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BBare Shows the Perfume Industry How Clean Beauty Care is Done

Unilever is the world’s second largest supplier of cosmetic care. Two of their brands, Dove and Axe, advertise themselves at cross purposes. Dove runs ads to promote women’s self-esteem, while Axe runs ads that show women overcome by an irresistible masculine scent. One elevates women, the other degrades them. Add on top of this the abundance of toxic chemicals used in their products, just like the rest of the industry, and it quickly becomes clear that for the big beauty brands all that matters is taking our money. Shouldn’t we want what we put on our skin to actually be good for us, and good for the planet? Outside of unaffordable luxury products, this was just a dream.

Thankfully for us, it was Chantelle Thompson’s dream, and Thompson has brought that dream to life. Thompson’s company, BBare, launched in 2020 with the mission of making the best beauty care products that were vegan, animal cruelty-free, good for you, and affordable. With the launch of their newest product line of perfumes, BBare has shown just how seriously they take this commitment to clean beauty care.

BBare’s perfume pods are made with vegan and high-quality ingredients, meaning they are gentle on the skin. Their small size promises they are extremely easy to travel with or throw in your purse for a night out. A small mirror attached to the pod makes them super useful as well. With a wider range of scents than any other serious competitors, it is no surprise that Instagram celebrity and lifestyle influencer Tara Maynard was eager to partner with BBare and launch a marketing campaign. Following the campaign, in only 72 hours the pods had completely sold out. If you are interested in other offerings, BBare crafts their products with their entire lineup in mind. Their body balms come in the same scents as the perfume pods so they are easy to pair without worrying over scents clashing.

Although BBare is based in the United Kingdom, their roots in the beginning of the pandemic mean that BBare could not have succeeded without a strong understanding of the digital marketplace. Now, with an easy-to-use website and a strong social media presence, BBare is available anywhere in the world. To see the products for yourself, you can visit BBare’s website here, or follow them on Instagram here.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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