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The best survey software to create online surveys in just a few steps

You don’t have to be a data analytics expert to create an online survey, which is one reason why more and more companies are using this method. If you ask good questions, you can get reliable and safe answers from an audience interested in what you offer. You can win new customers and make the current ones happier, always improving your business. The competitiveness of companies is always higher in every sector, so it is important to use the best survey software that does not waste too many resources and that gives reliable results.

The first thing to do is to choose which questions you want to ask, for example whether to ask open-ended questions, which require you to add personal comments, or closed-ended questions, which provide options to choose from. These options can be “yes / no” or more complex. It is also necessary to understand how to present the questions to the public, which communication to use, which graphics to create. Click here and immediately start increasing your business.

Tips for writing a great questionnaire

There is a difference between writing a questionnaire and writing an excellent questionnaire with the best survey software. Users want to make a valuable contribution and they want to know that their opinions matter. To make this happen, you need to ask the right questions, not too long or too boring. Here are some tips.

Focus on closed-ended questions

Open-ended questions require more effort and time than closed-ended questions. It is therefore necessary to focus on the latter, asking no more than 2 open questions per questionnaire and leave them optional. The best survey software allows that, so people could go ahead with the survey and leave out the questions they don’t want to answer.

Keep your attention level high

When a survey is challenging or contains more than 10 questions, the user may get tired and start giving random answers to finish the questionnaire first. This could be counterproductive because you get false answers, so it is essential to keep the level of attention high. Between one question and another, you can ask the user if he is still active, or you can arrange the answers in a different way, since usually those who are not concentrated always choose the central answer.

Provide simple answer options

Nobody likes polls that are too long, and neither do questions that are too elaborate. Users do not have to waste time understanding what the meaning of the question is, they must proceed spontaneously and quickly. The answers must also be simple, direct, short. This does not mean that all answer options should be “yes, no, maybe” but you have to avoid too complex sentences. For example, if you want to get feedback on customer service you can propose the answers “Extremely helpful, Very helpful , Available, Not available. ”The purpose of a survey is not to obtain positive feedback at all costs, but to collect negative feedback that has even more value, because it means that there is something to change in the business method .

Don’t ask for multiple things at the same time

Even with the best survey software, you don’t want your audience to get confused. Asking several things at the same time can confuse the user, who then may want to abandon the questionnaire. The survey must be simple, straightforward, smooth and for this reason each question must be clear and never ambiguous. Even if there are two related questions, grouping them is not the best choice. For example, if you are asked for feedback on the reliability of the product and assistance from the company, the user could get confused, because these are different topics even if they are closely related.

Diversify the questions

The questions should not be too similar to each other, because it could end up being annoying for the interviewee. The best thing is to diversify the questions and change the wording in which they are asked. You can alternate closed-ended questions with open-ended questions, so in some cases users can leave some comments and in other cases they just have to choose an answer from those they find already present.

Allow the user to skip some questions

The user may not want to answer all the questions, some may not find them interesting or may not know how to comment. You have to offer the possibility to skip some questions and move on to the next ones. When the questionnaire is processed it is important to define which and how many questions should be mandatory and which ones are optional.

Run a test

Before sharing the survey with the public, it is best to test it with friends and colleagues. It may happen that there are errors and these would affect the responses of users. When you create effective questionnaires you get even more results, taking tests is essential to understand if the questions work, if they are too long, if they are boring or too complicated. Feedback from colleagues and friends is always honest, so taking a test before posting the survey can be very beneficial.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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