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The hair transplant process in Turkey

Hair transplantation continues to be a rising trend worldwide, as the health sector makes progress in the light of science, new technologies enter our lives more and we can find the results of the changes we desire in the medical world.

Hair transplantation is not only a physical recovery of the person, but also a psychological recovery after getting used to the appearance of the person, which is the harbinger of hair transplantation will be a trend for many years.

Turkey, which has become the center of hair transplantation in the world, maintains its place among the countries that closely follow the developments in hair transplantation. In addition to the fact that hair transplantations are actively performed in hundreds of clinics, clinics in Turkey offer not only one technique but also all the techniques available in the field of hair transplantation to the service of their candidates.

Which is the best hair transplant center in Turkey?

Medhair Clinic, which is preferred by thousands of domestic and foreign patients due to the opportunities and successful results it provides to its patients in hair transplantation, maintains its leadership among successful hair transplantation centers in Turkey. Medhair Clinic, which hosts new candidates from many different geographies every year and accurately determines their wishes and provides the hair transplant service they need; is a hair transplant center that successfully performs FUE, SAPPHIRE FUE and DHI techniques and gets satisfactory results after the application.

In order for us to define a hair transplant center as the best, it is not enough to apply more than one hair transplant technique. It is necessary for the specialists to be experienced in each technique, to plant in the direction of hair growth, which will ensure the natural appearance of the hair, and to adopt a patient-oriented communication. Medhair Clinic, which has more than ten years of experience in hair transplantation, combines the wishes of its candidates with its experience in hair transplantation, and provides their candidates with new hair by performing the hair transplantation they need.

Is hair transplant painful?

Hair transplantation are completed in an average of 6 to 8 hours. If the DHI technique is used, the processing time may be slightly longer. However, local anesthesia is applied to the candidates during the procedure. Therefore, candidates do not feel any pain during the process. In this context, we can easily say that hair transplantations are painless as well as reliable and comfortable.

Which techniques in hair transplant are used in Turkey?

While Turkey hosts hair transplant treatments, it closely follows the technologies and latest innovations in hair transplant. SAPPHIRE-FUE, DHI and especially FUE are widely used in Turkey. In line with the needs of the candidate, it is decided which technique will be better for the candidates during the consultation examination, and then the hair transplantation process is started with the candidate’s approval. These methods, which contribute to successful results in hair transplantation, are procedures that require serious expertise and experience. Therefore, in order to talk about a successful and high quality transplant, candidates who want to get a hair transplant should definitely choose the best hair transplant center.

Does new hair grow back in the donor area?

When it comes to hair transplantation, one of the most frequently asked questions by candidates who have had hair transplant in Turkey is the intervention in the donor area. After the hair follicles are harvested from the donor area, it is among the main questions to wonder whether hair will grow back in this area. In hair transplantation, unfortunately, new hair does not grow in the donor area. But don’t let this upset or mislead you. In hair transplantation performed in a competent clinic, grafts are harvested carefully from the donor area to ensure a balanced intake. Thus, a baldness in the donor area is prevented, while grafts are transplanted into the needed area.

The factors affecting the cost of a hair transplant in Turkey?

Prices in Turkey are more economical than many other countries due to the changing exchange rate. In addition, when the high number of grafts, quality transplantation and successful results come together, candidates who choose Turkey for hair transplantation have many advantages. When it comes to hair transplantation, one of the most curious subjects about transplantation is cost of hair transplantation and how these prices are determined. At this point, we would like to point out that when it comes to prices, it is not possible to talk about a single standard price. There are many different factors that affect prices of hair transplantation.

The price policy that is adopted by the clinic for hair transplantation, the width of the area to be transplanted, the determination of the techniques used in hair transplantation and, the competence and experience of the specialist who will perform the hair transplantation are among the factors that greatly affect the prices of hair transplantation. For this reason, it can be misleading from time to time to specify a price without consulting the patients.

What distinguishes Medhair Clinic from other hair transplant centers?

Medhair Clinic, which is founded by Vedat Tosun, is a clinic that performs hair transplantation for more than ten years. Medhair Clinic, which has mastered all hair transplantation treatments and has many quality awards in field of hair transplantation, distinguishes itself from its competitors by acting carefully both in hair analysis of candidates and in hair transplantations that candidates need.

Medhair Clinic, which is one of the first clinics that comes to mind when it comes to best hair transplant Turkey, with its patient-oriented approach and successful hair transplantation results that do not compromise on natural appearance, has a considerable experience in hair transplantation thanks to thousands of cases it has performed so far.

Medhair Clinic differs from many clinics in Turkey with its expert staff in hair transplant treatments and successful transplantations, where experience and knowledge are vital.

What are the effects of hair transplantation?

Hair transplantations, which are procedures that provide high patient satisfaction and obtain satisfactory results, are applications that contribute not only to the physical appearance but also to the spiritual change of the person.

People who make peace with their mirror image begin to love themselves more, stop isolating themselves and participate more in social environments, and then step into a healthier life physically and mentally by increasing their quality of life. For this reason, hair transplantations should not be considered as aesthetic and beauty procedures that only improve the appearance. After hair transplantation, the lives of candidates change positively in many ways and they lead a happier and more enjoyable life with the return of renewing themselves.

If you are unhappy with your appearance and want to leave behind the thinning hair or hair loss, you can contact the Medhair Clinic, which is founded by Vedat Tosun. You can request an online consultation. With the guidance of the Medhair Clinic, who will determine the appropriate hair transplant method for you after the analysis of your hair, and the successful operation, you can get your new hair in a short time and increase your quality of life both physically and spiritually by making peace with your appearance in the mirror.

Contact to them today to get your new hair!

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