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There are Many Options for Saving for Your Retirement 

Today, the investment opportunities for people saving for their retirement were limited. People in many countries were limited to only investing in assets in their countries. The internet helped to change all that. The more people were able to see the investments available in other countries with a wide variety of assets, the more they wanted the option of broadening their own investment opportunities. They wanted the freedom to invest internationally. This freedom is becoming increasingly necessary for people who are trying to plan for their retirement. 

People saving for retirement face a lot of uncertainty. Inflation has always been with us, but lately, the seeming runaway rate of inflation has also pushed the retirement age further and further back for many people. Many people feel trapped. A lot of the local investment opportunities don’t offer the type of returns that can overcome the rate of inflation. The returns offered are like paddling upstream against a strong current. You’re able to maintain your position, but unable to gain any ground. 

Broader Investment Opportunities

The increased communications provided by the internet and today’s technology mean the financial world offers many more transparent investment opportunities these days. You’re not just limited to investing in local opportunities; you can invest in an opportunity on the other side of the globe if you feel that it may offer you the best returns. 

These broader investment opportunities include safe and stable investments like savings plans. The sheer number of options gives hope to investors who just want to provide for their future. Many of these investors have families they need to provide for. They couldn’t consider the riskier investments without possibly putting their family’s financial stability at stake. 

However, the returns offered by traditional savings plans didn’t enable them to adequately plan for their future. But now, the variety of available savings plans allows investors to choose the terms, safeguard their principal and get the returns necessary to overcome the rate of inflation. These modern savings plans use domestic and overseas investments to boost the returns they offer and allow people to plan for their retirement with confidence. 

Save with Investors Trust

Investors Trust is one firm that now offers four types of savings plans. Their Evolution Plan allows savings investors to benefit from a mutual fund with a loyalty bonus, extra allocation, and a low minimum contribution amount. 

The Fixed Income Plan protects 100% of your principal investment on a 15-year term. It provides steady income with a low-risk investment with transparent and competitive charging structures that have low minimums and low surrender charges. 

Their S&P Index Plan offers no downside risk. It also provides flexibility with 10, 15, and 20-year terms, and your principal is protected. The plan is aimed at investors who want to experience the dynamic growth of the stock market without the downside risk. 

The MSCI Index Plan offers increased diversification into 21 developed markets around the globe with 10, 15, and 20-year terms available. 

Contact Investors Trust if you’re interested in expanding your savings investment choices.  

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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