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Top 6 Educational Reforms in the Last Decade: Use This Info to Write My Essay for College

The education sector is evolving at an astounding speed. The last decade witnessed significant changes that have revolutionized both teaching and learning processes. 

Major credit goes to technology and crises like the pandemic that have given rise to advanced approaches to effectively meet the new demands. Innovative solutions like fast mobile networks, artificial intelligence, and high-tech gadgets have made education a lot more affordable and accessible than ever.

In this article, we will talk about six essential reforms you should mention in your next essay when explaining how education has transformed in the last ten years. These points will help you get a comprehensive idea about the evolution of education and compose a strong thesis statement and arguments when you type my essay for your next college assignment.

Top 6 Educational Reforms of the Last Decade

Remote Learning

Just a couple of years ago, we were heavily dependent on the physical classroom environment. The advancement of technology, coupled with the sudden impact of lockdowns, pushed us to shift to an online environment. This gave rise to remote learning, which allows educators to teach through video conferencing and conduct exams using quiz software.

Over 45% of college students in the US took at least one online course in 2020. The global eLearning market is expected to reach USD 400 billion by 2026. This shows that educational institutions worldwide are recognizing the power of online learning. When you write my essay on how this approach enhances the learning experience, you should mention its benefits, like providing remote access to thousands of courses and promoting independent learning.

Personalized Learning

Personalized learning is an educational approach that offers customized education to each student, taking care of their specific needs. Although the American educational psychologist Benjamin Bloom first explained the concept in 1984, the major shift toward this learning approach happened only in the last ten years.

Such an approach takes care of each student’s abilities and gives them the flexibility to learn at their own pace using their own learning techniques. Customized learning environments, assessments, and study materials help educators teach according to students’ varying personalities and strengths. When you write my essay on personalized learning, you should mention how online classes allow students to study in their own choice of environment and have a flexible schedule. 

Online Resources

Teaching and learning are no longer limited to classroom walls and physical study materials. The internet has made information free and accessible to students everywhere. You can now enroll in courses of your choice offered by prestigious universities. Thousands of educational websites share online resources in various forms, including ebooks, videos, images, blogs, journals, etc. 

Anybody with a smartphone can use the web to access these materials and improve their learning experience. You can now utilize the internet to research and collect relevant information when you write my essay or to connect with tutors from any part of the world to gain knowledge.

Collaborative Learning

Traditional education allowed learning only from the teacher and course materials. But educators in the last decade have realized that students can also learn from each other. This gave rise to collaborative learning, which involves two or more students engaging in a common task and attempting to learn something together. 

This helps learners share ideas, understand different perspectives, and learn from each other’s experiences. Collaboration is an essential life skill that develops critical thinking, communication skills, and leadership abilities. Therefore educational institutions are adding more group projects, debates, and team problem-solving activities into their curriculums.

When you write my essay on educational reforms, mention that technology has redefined collaboration by connecting students through messaging apps and social media platforms.

Enhanced Efficiency

The educational systems have become more efficient in the last ten years. Earlier, there used to be paperwork in every process, whether attendance, examinations, or administrative work. Now technology has provided advanced computers with innovative software that easily manages such tasks and improves productivity. 

Different software offers automated solutions that reduce manual work. Additionally, high-tech tools help teachers create video lectures and course materials that can be shared with students via the internet. When you write my essay on major educational changes, you can mention the importance of artificial intelligence and learning management systems in enhancing productivity.


Although gamification was first introduced in early 2000, it was in the last decade that it started getting the deserved recognition. It involves the application of game elements into educational environments to increase participation in learning. The advantages of this learning method include teamwork, healthy peer competition, and award systems–all enhance the learning experience. 

Gamification allows you to reflect on your performance and feel more in control over your learning. It also helps you be failure resilient. When you write my essay on gamification, mention that the theory is based on the fact that a person learns best when they enjoy the process and have specific goals.

Final Thoughts

The education sector has come a long way in the last ten years. The evolving technology implies we will see more innovative changes in the upcoming years. You can further research the above points and get a detailed understanding before making the assignment outline. Reading from multiple sources will help you get the complete picture and explain it better when you write my essay. The above reforms have broken traditional limitations to enhance the learning experience and improve its outcomes.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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