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Unique Content Ideas to Display on Your Church Digital Signage

Digital signage attracts attention from different audiences in the marketing world today, including churches. Places of worship use digital signage to enhance communication and drive user engagement among congregants. In particular, church digital signage can keep church members engaged throughout the service times.

However, this is only possible if the digital signage content in the house of worship creates an immersive experience for worshipers. This digital signage solution can fetch content generated through the curated hashtag of a given church, and social media handle. Speaking of content, which content ideas for church digital signage should create a first impression?

The Content Ideas for Church Digital Signage

Apparently, digital signage content is an integral part of community events, corporate marketing, and church events strategy. Bear in mind that the use of digital signs goes beyond displaying images, videos, and letters. Therefore, places of worship that embrace this new technology need to include the following content ideas in their church digital signage:

1. Motivational Content

Motivation is a key instrument in influencing millennials, new members, or new visitors in taking worship matters seriously. Often, this motivation can come from the older church members who may provide testimonials in a bid to help new visitors strengthen their faith.

This goal can be achieved through motivational quotes on bulletin boards, noticeboards, or notifications on digital signage displays. Using digital signage screens in places of worship provides information that resonates well among church members in real-time.  

2. Hymns and Prayers

Church digital signage plays a significant role in increasing audience engagement during service time. New visitors can follow hymns and payers on the digital screen to stay in sync with the rest of the worshippers. Also, older church members may feel more at ease with easy-to-read hymns and prayers displayed on the digital screens around the church.

On the other hand, houses of worship may use digital signage to reduce the need for handouts and paper fliers. As a result, churches will be able to lower printing costs and reduce the environmental burden significantly.

3. Church Fundraising

Another great content idea for church digital signage is the fund collection to rebuild or repair the house of worship. This is a very important move, especially now that the age of digital wallets and bitcoins has come. People are gradually shifting from paper money to paperless currency when carrying out their most basic transactions.

In this sense, houses of worship can embrace this emerging cashless trend to stay abreast of the current economy. Church members can make online donations or pay for products/services using their digital wallets. All they need is a simple yet effective QR code on the church’s digital screens to make the transaction easy and timeless.

4. Donor Spotlight

Churches can take the initiative of acknowledging generous donations from philanthropic members by displaying their portraits. Alternatively, the church can take advantage of available digital signage displays to thank generous donors at any given time. This is yet another fascinating digital signage content idea that the houses of worship can adopt to highlight contributions.

Using big screens and high-definition video walls, churches can truly value donors’ participation by thanking them. Doing so will most likely encourage everyone including new visitors to willingly donate whatever they have for the church’s cause. All the church needs is digital signage software and everything else including content ideas and templates will fall in place.

5. Church Event Callenders

Apart from using digital signage to help in way-finding, churches can invest in digital signs to display upcoming events. Often, places of worship are full of activities throughout the week, and the best way to keep members informed is by including a timetable of all upcoming events on the digital displays.

Some of the content ideas that may appear on church digital signage include members’ birthdays, religious gatherings, and bible classes. The church may also need volunteers for different upcoming events.

So, instead of using plain paper calendars to plan and execute these activities, the church can use digital signage to display a vibrant calendar and timetable. This type of content can inform all congregations about what is going to happen in the future. The same information can be shared on the social walls of the church for everyone to access it in time.

Over to You!

Content ideas for church digital signage can vary from time to time and from one event to another. This means that there is no justifiable and quantifiable limit to content that your church can include in its digital signage display. It is no doubt that every house of worship will undoubtedly have its content that caters to all members and its unique objectives.

The bottom line is that there should be no time for your church’s digital screens to stay blank when there are countless ideas and inspirations to create attractive content. For that reason, take advantage of the ideas highlighted above to keep your church members engaged and well-informed in real-time and at all times.  

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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