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Why a good UPS in your data centre is needed in the event of a power outage

UPS stands for an uninterruptible power supply – an essential component for many businesses that use a great deal of power or have power critical systems. A data centre UPS is a cost effective, sustainable, and energy efficient solution which boasts innumerable hidden benefits.

But how does a data centre UPS assist in the event of a power outage specifically? Let’s take a look.

Reduces the risk of data loss

As data centres store critical data, it goes without saying that it needs to store such information as reliably as possible. If power was ever to go down, systems won’t be able to shut down properly. This can cause server and data losses that could be catastrophic.

As a data centre UPS provides a backup power supply, this means you can reduce the risk of this happening. Unlike generators, a UPS will automatically and instantly switch between power supplies, so you won’t even need to wait any time for the backup supply to kick in.

Prevents equipment being damaged

If your systems don’t shut down properly, not only can this lead to data losses, but it can actually damage your equipment too. This can lead to significant unplanned costs, as you may need to purchase brand new replacement equipment urgently.

Added level of security

When power shuts down, as might the security measure protecting your data centre. Be it a simple error or a malicious cyber attack, a power outage in a data centre can allow people to gain access to private and confidential data – which could be costly.

Therefore, a UPS can protect against data losses, leaks, and threats by maintaining power supply to all critical systems, giving your data centre an extra layer of data protection and security.

Minimises business downtime

Probably the most lucrative benefit of a UPS is that it reduces downtime. We can’t plan for power outages – they are often due to an unforeseen issue, extreme weather, or natural disasters. Due to this, if power was to go down with no warning, your business won’t be able to run, leading to financial losses.

However, a UPS will ensure that your business stays up and running until your power comes back on. When you consider how much money you might lose from ceasing operations for merely an hour or so, the investment of a good UPS is a no brainer for this reason alone.

Evens out the power supply

Not only does a UPS protect against power outages, but they also detect any changes in the electrical supply. If there is a spike or surge, the UPS will operate using the backup power supply, and only switch back to mains electricity once the conditions are back to normal.

With this in mind, as UPS will be able to identify and even out any electrical surges, your data centre will benefit from an even power supply at all times, which will further preserve your data and equipment.

These are just a few of the reasons why a good UPS in your data centre is needed in the event of a power outage. With a data centre UPS by your side, you will be better able to weather whatever the future throws at you.

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