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7 Effective Ways To Tackle Your Clutter

Clutter in your home is not just uncomfortable for you and your visitors. It can also be a sign of mental health problems, like OCD, depression, and anxiety, and could make them worse. Depending on how severe it is, it could also be concealing dangers to your physical health, like pests and mould.

ICE Cleaning is a specialist cleaning company that can take care of mould remediation and pest control, and even clear out hoarder homes. Its technicians operate nationwide and can be on site in 60 minutes in an emergency.

Continue reading to find out their tips on clearing out your home.

Do a spring clean every season

The colder, wetter winter months create the perfect conditions for mould growth in your home. Condensation, flooding, leaks, and poor ventilation (shut windows keep in heat) generate the excess humidity it loves.

If your possessions are piled up, you might not spot the first signs of mould. Going through your belongings will give you a chance to identify potential causes and prevent mould.

Create a timeline and set some goals

Before you tackle the mess, write down a list of spaces you want to prioritise and give each a completion date. This should help you stay motivated for clearing up.

Make sure you focus on one space at a time to ensure you give it a very thorough clean. Don’t forget to devote more time to the trickier rooms, like the basement or attic.

Create a sorting system

Sometimes decluttering can make a bigger mess. Organise your cleaning process by putting each item into bags or boxes labelled “throw”, “keep”, and “donate”.

Once every object has been assigned a new future, take one box to the recycling centre, the other to a charity shop, and restock the room with what is left.

Track what you really use

To sort the essentials from what you don’t need, monitor what you actually use.

One way of doing this is to hang the clothes you have just worn or washed back in your wardrobe the wrong way. You can easily see from the direction of the hangers what does not get worn and needs to be chucked.

Check which items work

If an appliance you tried to use does not work, either fix it right away or throw it out. Otherwise, it will continue to take up space and collect dust.

Clear the flat surfaces first

It is easy to pile up stuff on kitchen tops, tables, and shelves. Only regularly used appliances should be on your surfaces. Try and make space in your drawers and boxes to rehome them. If you can’t find space in your drawers, they may need reorganising, too

Get help when clutter becomes a serious problem

People who struggle to throw out unused or broken items might suffer from hoarding disorder. This is when someone has an excessive amount of belongings of little value. It can make a home very dangerous and unpleasant to live in, and might contain fire risks, trip hazards, and pests.

ICE Cleaning’s technicians can help your clear out your home with their discreet hoarder cleaning service, and make your property safe again.

Find out more about ICE Cleaning’s wide range of services here.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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