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Businesses Finding Ways to Capitalise on Football Fever in 2022

The World Cup in Qatar doesn’t always make the right headlines, but one thing that is certain is that millions of people in the UK and billions around the world will be tuning in, betting on the action, and tracking their unfortunate sweepstakes draws. With the QIA powering the tournament, the spectacle is as grand as it should be, upping the excitement for each game and the eventual outcome.

Knowing that the World Cup will be dominating the headlines, discussions, and TV time from 20 November to 18 December, many businesses have decided to go big on World Cup-themed promotions and offerings. Even if they can’t be directly tied to the massive FIFA event, many have come up with intriguing, fun, and savvy ways to make that key link between the action in Qatar and their business. Here’s how they’re doing it.

Offering savings on related products


If you’re not in Qatar, the chances are that you’ll want to be watching the World Cup on your TV at home. With the games reeling off back-to-back-to-back each day, many will also be inclined to remain in their seats to watch all of the action unfold. Along this line of thinking, TV sets and takeaways will see big upticks throughout the tournament if people are encouraged to give in to their desires to enjoy the tournament as much as possible.

Spending so much time in front of the TV in the hopes that the ABCMoney list of outrageous football scores gets added makes a new set seem worth the money. As it’s still a major purchase, many will need an extra nudge, which is why AO cut the LG C2 OLED TV from £1,499 to £949, and Very reduced the Toshiba 42UK3C63DB from £349 to £249, making it a 43’’ 4K smart TV for under £250. For food delivery, as you won’t want to desert your brand new TV, Just Eat was running promos of up to 40 per cent off during the event.

Expanding into more football content


The football is on a lot, but it’s not on for the whole day. Once the group stage finishes, the schedule will be less packed with live games, but each kick-off will be more important than the last. So, in time for the start of the tournament, and ready throughout, online entertainment providers loaded up on football content. The most heavily advertised has been Save Our Squad with David Beckham, which was released on 9 November.

With online entertainment hubs that can explore a whole range of genres, football can – and has – quickly multiplied in its presence, with new and older options coming to the fore. Just in time for the World Cup, Betway casino saw its Top Games page infiltrated by the new slot Football Finals XUp and the live casino draw in fans with Live Football French Roulette and Live Football Card Showdown. With mobile being the most popular way to access the entertainment platform, many play live casino games with live action on TV.

Competitions for the competition


One of the aspects of the World Cup that brings in even those who aren’t even detached football fans is the competition side, pitting nations against each other to great fanfare. People get competitive, get into the spirit of competition, and are much more inclined to partake in such themed contests. This is why the massive Coca-Cola company, which also sells Dasani water in Argentina, always offers a chance to win branded goods with the World Cup. For 2022, it came in the form of Coca-Cola FIFA World Cup 2022-branded size-five footballs.

Lead sponsors and, particularly, financial institutions, were also excited to offer their own competitive spins The Barclaycard draw ran before the World Cup started, account holders who made at least one purchase during the promotional period were given a chance to enter the prize draw which could see them win a FIFA World Cup Entertainment and Merchandise Pack. Capitalontap ran a similar promotion but with tickets to the final.

Not all businesses have the clout to land merchandise packs or tickets to the big event, but they can still tap into football fever and the openness to competition. Azteco Bitcoin ran a promo during the span of the World Cup – thus making it a World Cup contest – in which the top spender at OffGamers would get big vouchers. Huddersfield Town football club also put up a World Cup prize draw for 32 lucky entrants, with £2,022 up for grabs.

This is just what we’ve seen coming into the 2022 FIFA World Cup and during the opening stages. When the World Cup Final arrives, you can bet that businesses will go even bigger on one-off promotions to get noticed and catch onto the hype of the biggest game in the world of sports.

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