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Earn Cyber Security and Win $40,000 in Prizes with TryHackMe’s Advent of Cyber 2022

TryHackMe has launched its fourth annual Advent of Cyber event. Advent of Cyber features 24 free daily cyber security challenges aimed to enable people to break into cyber and kickstart learning journeys. This year’s event features Red Teaming, Secure Coding, Web Vulnerabilities, Blue Teaming, and IoT Hacking topics.


TryHackMe is an online cyber security training company offering blue, red, and purple team topics for all skill levels. Individuals use TryHackMe to learn cyber security and achieve high-paying cyber jobs, businesses incorporate training to onboard and upskill teams, and universities utilise content to teach students cyber security in action. 

TryHackMe training is gamified, featuring streaks, badges, and gamified labs, so users are engaged in learning and knowledge retention is amplified. There are over 350 free real-world training labs on the platform, and a premium version enabling full access costs £8/approximately $9.80 a month. Users only need a browser to access, and training is available worldwide.

Advent of Cyber 2022

Launched on December the 1st 2022, Advent of Cyber features 24 free cyber security challenges ranging in topics spanning Red Teaming, Secure Coding, Web Vulnerabilities, Blue Teaming, and IoT Hacking. 

All daily tasks follow a Christmassy storyline, This year, the elf McSkidy needs your help to investigate a serious breach and test all remaining systems for security flaws.

Key cyber security influencers are creating video content for every day of the event, walking users through tasks. Content creators include John Hammond, Cybersecurity Meg, Husky Hacks, SecurityNinja, InsiderPHD, and more. 

All users completing Advent of Cyber will achieve a certificate of completion. 


Simply by taking part, users can win $40,000 worth of prizes, including Offensive Security learn one subscriptions, Raspberry Pi 400, AirPods, drones, GoPros, Hak5 WiFi Pineapples and Rubber Duckys, and so much more. 

The number of daily answered questions gives users raffle tickets into the random draw of prizes. Winners will be randomly selected on the 28th of December using the pool of raffle tickets.

There are also daily prizes and giveaways across social media. For every daily answered question, users can win a mini-prize, either a TryHackMe Christmas T-shirt or a TryHackMe premium voucher. Swag is awarded to social media followers in short giveaways over December, on @RealTryHackMe accounts. 

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