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Everything You Need to Know About College Admission Essay Writing

For many years, essays have been used to assess one’s language and writing skills. In addition, essays allow students to reveal a lot about themselves, their rational power, imagination, structure, consistency, creativity, and power of thought. Among the numerous essays available in the academic fields, an application essay is a paper written to get admission into the college of one’s choice. To secure a place in a school, a candidate is usually asked to write an essay or letter called a personal statement. This part of the letter is called a college admission essay.

Since writing an application essay is not an easy task, and not everyone is a born writer, there appears a choice: to use an admission essay writing service or put in lots of effort but write it yourself. This article provides a basic guide for applicants to write a good college admission essay. We will explain the purpose of this essay type, look through its format, and provide guidelines and helpful tips on how to write a good college admission essay.

What is the purpose of writing an admission essay?

The purpose of college essay writing is to showcase yourself and convince the admission committee you are applying to consider your application and get in. Remember that your essay reveals a lot about yourself and your personality, something that your grades, GPAs, or certifications can’t do. Hence, when writing one, you must remember that the purpose of writing a college admission essay is to demonstrate who you are and why you are the best choice.

College Admission Essay Format

The essay should be simple, but it should be stylish and use formal language. It should also be short and focused. Like any other essay, a college admission essay should consist of the following:

– an introduction where you state why you are writing it (thesis statement);

– the main body of the essay, where you support your thesis statement with arguments;

– conclusion, where you summarize everything and reinforce your thesis statement for a stronger accent.

A college admission essay falls under the academic category of writing; hence it must use an eloquent vocabulary, plenty of passive voice where needed, and precise grammatical and syntactical structures. In addition, an essay should be written in the first person, and when writing about yourself, writing in an active voice gives a feeling of firmness, while a passive voice can sometimes mean insecurity.

How to start with a college admission essay?

First, read through all the college requirements, and then think through all the necessary details about yourself outlined in the essay. It is always better to start as early as possible because you will have time to pay much more attention and do your best. Be yourself when deciding what to write about yourself, don’t make anything up. Outline your essay and start writing according to your plan. While writing, stay focused on telling the admissions committee why they should reserve a place for you at their college. Don’t make the essay too long; keep it around 600 words, and don’t write all the details that might be unnecessary for this purpose. In addition, writing, proofreading, and rewriting bring good results. After careful thought and writing, close your essay by re-emphasizing your thesis and one strong point about yourself.

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