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Mega Yachts, Private Jets and Super Models the secret Life of Banking Billionaire Michael Gastauer

Michael Gastauer is the quintessential self-made Billionaire. He has earned billions from his investments and banking business, allowing him to own a $200 million art collection, his favourite artist is German contemporary painter Gerhard Richter, a G650 private jet, two helicopters and a $150 million yacht built by a well known German wharf. Gastauer lives in several high end real estates, located around the world. Michael’s lifestyle is typical of a Billionaire businessman: spending his time in exclusive private meetings with high profile decision makers, wining and dining A- List celebrities and businessmen and enjoying his exclusive hobbies.

The success that Michael has achieved hasn’t come without sacrifice. Michael Gastauer spent more than twenty years of his life working hard to get where he is today – rising through the ranks at one of the largest international banks before launching his own investment firm and global banking empire. Michael often worked more than 90 hours per week, rarely taking holidays or time off for himself. Michael’s success has been built on his determination, visionary thinking, hard work and ambition.

Michael Gastauer truly is an example of how visionary thinking, focus and dedication on executing and achieving your goals will lead to financial success. Although there are those who may frown upon Michael’s extravagant lifestyle choices, his successes in banking and investments speak for themselves. Michael is a living testament to the power of ambition and determination, no matter where you come from.

The Wolf of Canary Wharf

Based on a legal case that the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) field against Michael back in October 2018, and several similarities the case and Michael`s private life had in comparison to the Hollywood movie “Wolf of Wall Street”, the media started calling Michael Gastauer the “Wolf of Canary Wharf”.

Speaking to insiders, who were amongst the group of people being close to Michael during those days, have confirmed that there are some similarities that could give the impression that Michael Gastauer was living the life of Leonardo Di Caprio in Wolf of Wall Street. Michael got divorced from his ex wife that he was married to for more than one decade. He became friends with Super Model and Actress Anastassija Makarenko after she had separated from her boyfriend Micky Rourke. Michael and Anastassija started seeing each other on a regular basis travelling to exotic places. While Makarenko was busy expanding her modelling career, doing photo shoots in Los Angeles, Paris and Tokyo, Gastauer was growing his digital banking business travelling between New York, London and Dubai.

Insiders told us that part of Gastauer´s responsibilities was hosting lavish business parties in Moscow, Frankfurt and London with hundreds of employees joining to celebrate the opening of a new office or other business events. Usually during those events, Gastauer had a team of inhouse event organisers that went to the location several days in advance to organise certain details of the event. Besides serving Dom Perignon or Cristal Rose champagne to his guests, Gastauer made sure that his organiser team had managed to book enough “special guests” to entertain his other guests and senior management team.

Owning a Bank and having lived in Switzerland for several years, Gastauer didn´t have to fly his cash to Switzerland, like the Wolf of Wall Street did. There are of course many other things that Michael Gastauer and the Wolf of Wall Street do not have in common. Gastauer is an all natural eater and enjoys working out, he has no interest in drugs and barely drinks alcohol. Jordan Belfort’s case (Wolf of Wall Street) ended with Belfort being criminally charged and spending several years in jail, plus a monetary fine. Michael Gastauer has never been criminally charged. He ended up paying a monetary fine of $17 million despite the initial $165 million as claimed by the SEC.

So besides owning a mega yacht, private jets, being friends with a supermodel and being sued by the SEC, the Wolf of Canary Wharf and the Wolf of Wall Street don’t have much in common.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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