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The Top Advantages of Becoming a Virtual Assistant

In today’s world, finding a job or career path is becoming increasingly difficult – and sticking to it is nearly impossible! In addition, most employees feel burnt out and cannot cope with the demands of their jobs and keep healthy relationships. There’s a lot of stress with many responsibilities, too. So what is there to do? Fortunately, some jobs don’t require too much from you, such as a virtual assistant. Being one allows you to take charge of your schedule, free up your time for other pursuits, and, best of all, do something you honestly like to do. If you’re good at organising and planning and can work well with people – and are willing to learn more and even perfect your skills – then you might be interested in becoming a virtual assistant. But what other benefits can you expect? Here are the top advantages of becoming a virtual assistant.

  • You can make your own schedule

One of the biggest perks of becoming a VA is making your own schedule. What does this mean, exactly? It means you can be in charge of your schedule and don’t have to follow the regular 9 to 5 job. You can easily manage your schedule as long as you balance your clients and let them know the hours that are ideal for you. If you’re a virtual assistant, it’s possible to work full-time or part-time as you see fit, and you can even work on a seasonal basis. This way, it will be easier for you to create a much better balance between your work life and your personal life – none need to suffer. You can still do what you want and love – and isn’t it what we are all striving for?

  • You can permanently WFH

When you become a virtual assistant, you can permanently work from home! You can work remotely, unlike other employees or staff in an office. This allows you to save time because you don’t have to suffer from a long commute, and best of all, you don’t have to go through the same headaches as other commuters – traffic, long queues, and other pesky delays. So whilst most of us had to work from home due to the pandemic, you can permanently work from home. This is a blessing for many single mums or those who want to avoid a commute.

  • You can set your own rates

Another advantage of being a VA is setting your own rates. Of course, it will depend on your areas of expertise (the more skilled you are, the better), but you can set higher rates than you would get if you worked for a company. As a result, you have better control over your salary or income, and if you feel you deserve a raise, you don’t have to go through numerous channels to get one. But you must ensure that your rates are up to par with your expertise and not too high for your clients.

Here’s one more thing that not many are aware of – when you become a VA, it allows you to form a close professional relationship with the person you are working for – and as such, you learn from them and vice versa, and you can learn new sets of skills while you’re at it.

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