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Tips On How To Speed Up Your Internet Connection At Home

We have all been there with slow internet, at the most important moments!

In this online world, where everything is digitalized based on ever-evolving technologies, the internet has become the most prominent necessity for every single individual on this planet. If you are taking an online class, checking out some cool dresses in online stores, and waiting for your movie to load because the loading sign does not seem to get off the screen, a bad internet connection can make it all worse. This sluggish internet connection can exhaust you.

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However, if you need immediate assistance with speeding up your present internet connection, you can go through this article. We made a summary of what to do in times like this, just for you! Try these tips and you will improve your internet speed in minutes!

  • Restart your modem and router

If your internet is acting up, there are chances that there may be some glitches. Turn off your modem and wait for 20-30 seconds. After that open your modem and check if your internet connection is stable. You might feel the need to troubleshoot too as there must be some connectivity problem with your internet service provider.

Apart from the modem, if you have a separate router, you must give it an off-on action too. Turn off your router and turn it back on to clear any glitches or issues it has. Once done, turn off your WiFi devices, wait for some seconds, and then turn the WiFi on again.

  • Setting your router to a more suitable place

In often cases, WiFi signals are interrupted by the presence of certain flooring, ceiling, furniture, and other household things. Your router might also be placed at any corner position, which makes the interruption much worse.

ou might have to place your router in a more accessible or central place from where all the devices can easily connect and get the best of signals from the device.

  • Device or router’s antennas

If you have a router that has built-in antennas, then you can jump to the next step. Many routers have external antennas. If you have one, you can adjust and reconfigure it accordingly.

Antennas send out signals in every direction so you can set up your router in a suitable place and adjust your antennas accordingly to get perfect WiFi signals on your devices.

  • External devices to enhance the efficiency of your devices

If you have adjusted your router accordingly and have done every possible thing that you can but are still experiencing a sluggish connection, then this is your call to add such a device that will expand your network’s range. These devices can be WiFi boosters or power line extenders. WiFi booster is a device that can be adjusted with your router. It expands your already existing connection on a broader scale and distributes signals in all areas. The power line extender is a two-device kit that is an electrical wiring system.

One device is connected to your router with a cable and the other one is connected where you wish for a stable internet connection. If you have a large house, then you might consider getting a mesh Wi-Fi system in which your device will be replaced by other multiple devices.  These devices produce a single WiFi connection and try to cover every corner of the house.

  • Getting a better and faster internet connection

No matter how much you work on setting up your router and exchanging your equipment if you want a sustainable internet connection, you will have to go for a better and faster internet connection. Ask your internet providers about the packages they provide and analyze the best speed possible that is your necessity. Getting a more reliable and better connection that provides great speed might be the solution you want.

With that being said, though there are still debates going on between the efficiency of wireless internet connections and getting Internet via connecting an Ethernet cable, most people prefer wireless connections nowadays, as they are easy to manage and are a trend these days. If you work on gaming consoles or big devices like computers or TV, you should go for an Ethernet cable connection that can easily catch up with huge internet consumption and still provide a stable speed.


A sluggish internet can put you in a difficult situation. Though there are multiple solutions, this article had the cheapest yet easiest ways you can optimize your internet speed by just moving a thing or two at your house. Stable your internet speed and enjoy the Netflix shows that you have been wanting to binge-watch now!

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