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What makes luxury perfume so unique?

When we think about the luxury perfume it is so easy to remember great ads that bring us the most emotional sides of the fragrances. But which is the reason we cannot renounce to them when we are wondering about the perfume we would like to buy?

The perfume packaging: you never get a second chance to make a good first impression

You probably will never find a well-known fragrance, one of the best perfumes out there made by the most famous and well-regarded brands, which miss this first point: making immediately a good first impression on the market. If you look at the most iconic fragrances that are desirable, you will immediately notice that have an iconic packaging. It will be quite for sure a flawless shape of glass that conquers your eyes and will shake all our senses. The most regarded perfumers know indeed that a packaging made according to the best trends on design glass Vetroelite will be a critical key to success for its fragrance as well as a book cover. The fragrances are often by people considered as one of the best examples of how you can – or cannot – attract the attention of the customers taking advantage of the emotional appeal of the product. As a customer falls in love with a perfume exactly in the moment he/she can feel the uniqueness of it, you can easily understand how you have to make a good first impression. If you will not miss this point on your strategy to market your fragrance giving it the best packaging it deserves, it will be easier to be the first choice of your potential customers.

The choice of ingredients and the balance between the notes

None of the most famous perfumes of all around the world are so desirable only because they made a good first impression with their packaging. If it were like that, their success would not probably be able to last decade over decade, going across all the seasonal trends and all the latest products launched onto the market. It is not so difficult to figure out that the best perfumes meet the golden rules of the pyramid of fragrance, across the top, middle and base notes. The right choice of the ingredients here can make the difference between what could be immediately pleasing (or not) to the nose. People perceive the top notes just exactly in the moment they are applying the perfume. These top notes – that perfumers choose usually between fresh and strong scents – will then evaporate quite immediately. It is not so difficult to figure out that these notes will be so important to determine the success of the fragrance, as they give to the customer the «first olfactory delighting impression». The middle – or heart – notes come after the top ones and are meant to be the «second impression» for a perfume to be pleasing to the nose. The perfumers often choose rounded or mellow scents for the milled notes of their fragrances. Then we have the base notes of a perfume that are the «last chance» for a fragrance to become a masterpiece that can be really the first choice of everyone who is looking for something special.

The scent that conquers our hearts and minds

At the ending stage of our brief overview on what can help a luxury perfume to become so desirable, we are not going to miss another relevant point: we prefer a fragrance over the others because that product conquers our heart. As we already said, when we are looking for a fragrance it is our emotional side that «leads the way» and makes us choose the one that smells so good, and we are going to love it. Please keep in mind that a lot of great perfumes are well distinguishable also by a particular colour that has been carefully chosen by the perfumers. We usually associate colours with emotions, according to the feelings that they can evoke. If we are looking for an intense fragrance, we would be more attracted by perfumes that have a red packaging, as this colour can spark passion, energy, love, and excitement. In case we are searching for a more delicate perfume, it is easier that fragrances with blue or purple packaging are going to be more eye-catching for us. The fragrances with yellow packaging will be probably the best loved ones by all who are looking for a perfume that inspires happiness or warmth. Green packaging will be probably the best choice for perfumers who are searching for a colour that can spark freshness or a natural sensation. Please always bear in mind that we make the choice of a great perfume often led by something we are really excited about: if we do not find an eye-catching packaging, the fragrance will probably miss its chance to create an exciting first good impression.

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