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Where to buy property for cheaper green space in the UK

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, many homeowners and renters realised the importance of having an outdoor green space to escape to and soak up a bit of vitamin D. The outdoors can have a profound effect on our mental wellbeing and those without it really felt the effects when we were all asked to stay home in 2020.

Not only this, but research has shown that having a garden can boost the sale value of a property by at least 20%! Many of those that were able to relocated post-pandemic from built-up areas where green spaces were few and far between and moved out to purchase or rent in the suburbs and countryside. Whilst many now are returning to city life, there’s no denying that green spaces and gardens have taken on a whole new significance.

But where in the UK can you expect to pay the most for the privilege of green space? CIA Landlord Insurance looked at the 30 most populous UK cities and collected property price data to research which locations are the cheapest and most expensive for green space. Here is what they found.

London is the most expensive location in the UK for green space

It will come as no surprise that London topped the list as the most expensive location in the UK for green space. Not only do green spaces come at a premium in built-up city areas anyway, but London is renowned for its high property costs and rents in general.

The research found that renting a property with a garden costs tenants an average of £2,992 per month in London, with purchasing one setting buyers back an average of £1,032,510. Costly!

Following London on the list of most expensive locations in the UK for green space were Bristol, Luton, Southampton and Reading, all southern locations where house prices tend to be on the higher side generally.

Plymouth is the cheapest location in the UK for green space

Looking for a property on the cheaper side with outdoor space? Plymouth was named the cheapest location in the UK for green space, with the average property rent with a garden at £875 per month and £37,620 to purchase. 

This may come as a surprise, as Plymouth is a desirable spot ideally located on the border of well-loved holiday hotspots Devon and Cornwall. Property hunters with green space at the top of their list may be able to bag themselves a bargain with proximity to some of the most beautiful spots in the UK on the doorstep.

Following Plymouth as the cheapest location in the UK for green space were Kingston-upon-Hull,  Bradford, Leeds and Coventry – all locations further up north where property prices are typically cheaper.

Find out more about CIA Landlord Insurance’s research here, with full data and methodology.

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