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Which countries live better in Europe?

One of the main reasons that pushes a worker to move elsewhere is undoubtedly the data dependent on the working conditions to which the worker himself can be subjected in a company. And it is no coincidence that one of the first questions asked at a job interview is interdependent on the economic aspect. But how does it work in Europe? What are the average wages in the European countries?

For example, in France and England – countries that are notoriously expensive – can 30,000 euros per year be enough to be able to live in serenity? Could the same amount be enough in Spain or Italy to be able to lead a high standard of living? Or, again, how does our thinking change in the future if we think of living as a couple? In this regard, taking into consideration our latitudes, it is £40K per person a good salary for a UK couple?

In any case, more and more often the salary alone is not enough. According to the Italian report “Hiring and terminations: something is moving in the labour market”, in fact, the members of the generation Z and European millennials are wondering not only about the way in which a company creates jobs, but above all about internal corporate welfare policies.

As a matter of fact, the quality of life depends on services, salaries, access to public facilities, security and cost of living, but also by how all this is reflected within the company for which you work. So, the question is: which countries have the best quality of life in Europe?

The countries with the highest average wages in Europe

The ten countries with the highest average salaries in Europe are Sweden (2770 euros per month), France (2791 euros per month), Germany (2952 euros), Ireland (3041 euros), Austria (3104 euros), Iceland (3221 euros), Luxembourg (3573 euros), Norway in third place (3795 euros), and then in second place in the ranking is Denmark (3914 euros per month) and in first place? According with an HR Future Research, the country with the highest average salary in all of Europe is Switzerland, with 4902 euros per month. Switzerland is also a leader in quality of life. Thanks to salaries, but also to security and services offered, both public and private, together with the excellent relationship between the natural environment and citizens. But are the countries where you earn better also the countries where workers live happiest?

The happiest countries in Europe

According to the World Population Review 2022, in fact, the combination of economic well-being and happiness does not always go hand in hand. The ranking, in fact, sees Finland in first position, then there are Denmark and Switzerland to get on the podium. Just outside Iceland and Holland, and finally Norway, Sweden, Luxembourg and New Zealand. In tenth position, to close this list of happy countries, we find Austria.

What about UK?

How much do you earn in England? The minimum and average wage in England, following the indications of the British government, amounts to:

• £1500 net minimum wage for a full-time job of 40 hours per week;

• £750 net minimum wage for a full-time job of 20 hours per week;

• £1700 gross average salary for a full-time job of 40 hours per week;

• £900 average net salary for a part-time job of 20 hours per week.

Therefore, thinking of living as a couple and earning £40K per person can definitely be a good salary.

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