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Are you ready to explore the live gaming world?

With a variety of live casino games to choose from, this one could definitely be classed as one of the craziest! In the live online casino game Crazy Time, you can enter the exciting world of game shows, and put yourself on the hot seat.

For those who enjoy a bit of craziness in their lives, this game will give you just that and more!

How to play

With a number of different features and extras, this live casino game brings a top-quality level of gaming to you. The main aspect of the game is the gigantic, technicolour wheel, spun by a live host.

The wheel is built with three different coloured pickers: choose what colour you think it will land on, watch the wheel spin into action, and see your prize being revealed live. That’s not it though. As big as this wheel is already, it is also full of different multipliers and special double and triple spaces, increasing your prize total further!

Within the game, the main money wheel gives you the option to pick from numbers one, two, five or 10. Not only this, but you can choose from a number of different bonus games.

One of the bonus games featured is coin flip where you can gain extra prizes by guessing whether the blue or red side of the coin will land, and you will be rewarded with the multiplier amount that coincides with that colour. Being such a simple game with a 50/50 chance to succeed, you can’t complain. If this doesn’t sound good enough already, then there are other bonus games involved that can suit everyone, making this game a little bit crazier with every new feature.

Taking online slot games to a new extreme, it includes what is called the top slot. This is a 2×1 reel that will randomise a multiplier to produce a random bet spot. The first reel of the top slot is for bets, and the second reel gives you that multiplier. With its one winning line, multipliers on the top slot can amount to up to 50x your stake!

Make sure to choose where you think the wheel will land, as the game will give you 15 seconds to pick your option, creating a fast-paced gaming experience. With over 50 different parts of the wheel to choose from, there are plenty of opportunities to unlock amazing prizes!

It’s time to play!

Once the madness begins, you can interact with the host by using the live chat feature – there will always be someone available to help you figure your way around the wheel. You can also socialise with other players in the fully interactive game and see how everyone reacts to the grand spinning wheel, revealing all of your prizes.

Being able to play online from a variety of electrical devices, you can experience this wacky game anywhere. Whether you enjoy a bit of craziness, or want to introduce some more into your life, this game is the one for you!

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