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UK’s Acklam Car Centre Upends Social Media with Viral Luxury Cars Videos Boosting Sales

The global luxury car market was valued at $461 billion in 2022 and is likely to grow by a healthy 4.9% annually until 2028, outpacing the whole sector. Luxury cars come in various shapes and forms, from hatchbacks to SUVs to luxury sedans to sports coupes; what unites them is superb quality, unrivaled comfort, and limited supply. Like many luxury goods such as Hermes bags or Swiss timepieces, luxury cars cannot be produced en masse hence the unabating demand for them. On the buyers’ side, in early 2022, the fortunes of the world’s wealthiest one percent increased by more than one third during the pandemic, further consolidating their already almost limitless buying power. This created a classic seller’s market situation and car manufacturers’ luxury divisions thrive on that phenomenon.

Among independent luxury car dealers, it is difficult to outshine other bigger brands, but some still do. Helping create the wave of the strong demand for luxury vehicles is Acklam Car Centre, one of the top independent luxury car dealerships in the UK. Based in the Northeast of England, Acklam Cars sports all of the highly sought-after cars like the best Land Rover and Range Rover products along with the latest Porsche, Audi, BMW, and other brands.

As an objective measure of success, the luxury vehicle dealer posted robust 2022 sales to the tune of £122,401,299. Acklam Cars’ sales and marketing teams are led by industry experts, believed to be the best in the business, Liam Martin (Head of Sales) and Carolina Wos (Media Marketing Manager). Martin and Wos lead a team of highly-trained and specialized automobile connoisseurs passionate about luxury vehicles and helping customers’ needs. 

The Acklam Cars team masterfully uses its social media channels to spread the word about Acklam Cars and its luxury automobiles by regularly posting videos that garner millions of views. These videos are not just for show as they are a modern lead generation technique. The sales team quite often manages to get in touch with clients and sell cars online through these videos. By posting highly popular videos the Acklam Cars’s sales team boosts the Centre’s popularity even when they do not close an online deal. No wonder that in 2022 Acklam Car Centre was awarded the Dealership Use of Video award by Car Dealer Magazine and the Used Car Retailer of the Year by Motor Trader. The dealership has also received an almost unanimous five-star rating for its superior customer service standards and social media content from TrustPilot and is still currently top rated.

Among other accolades that Acklam Cars received for its high standards of customer service and outstanding luxury cars lineup are the Used Car Customer Care Award and the Used Car Dealership of the Year Award by Car Dealer Magazine in 2021.

Given the continued hold luxury vehicles have on us and the strong demand both in the UK and globally, especially in Asia and China, Acklam Cars’s business prospects for this year. As the Acklam Cars team is proving to the market – as well as prospective investors – that their business model is not only very successful but highly scalable, 2023 looks very optimistic for the luxury car retailer. We expect Acklam Car Centre to expand its operations and open new venues throughout the UK and Europe this year. To see the vehicle inventory and enjoy the engaging content, check out the dealer’s website, Instagram, YouTube, and Tik Tok.

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