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Is 2D Game Art Relevant in Today’s Gaming Industry?

At least two decades ago, it was natural that all the games we played were two-dimensional. Yet, since that time, game art has made several giant leaps towards realism, and now even a novice gamer can be hardly impressed with 3D graphics or virtual reality features. So, is it the dusk of 2D game art? We asked that question to game artists from the Stepico game art company. The answers we’ve got are truly insightful.

Why 2D Game Art Is Still Used in the Gaming Industry

3D technologies offer gaming enthusiasts wider opportunities, yet we cannot say that 2D ones remain out of work. Here are some thoughts about why 2D tools and technologies are still in demand when discussing the gaming industry.

1. Many people stay true to their favorite games. For example, if a gamer’s youth fell in the era of 8-bit games of the 70s and 80s, then, in the 21st century, they will still enjoy playing these old-fashioned games and feel sweet nostalgia for the good old days. And just five years ago, the “back to the 80s” trend was actively revived in society, and 2D game development was reborn on the wave of popularity of this trend. So as long as there are 2D graphics fans and old-fashioned games among the video games audience, there will always be work for a 2D artist.

2. Today, the lion’s share of society uses mobile devices, including for entertainment and games. And they don’t always choose complex AAA projects with 3D characters, intricate plots, or heavy graphics. Therefore, 2D technologies are still in demand and relevant in mobile game art.

3. Game development is a complex process. The finished video sequence, plot, and visualization of what we see on the screen are just the tip of the iceberg. The complex work of a team of artists and illustrators precedes all this. In this work, not only 3D models are developed, but also icons, sketches, covers, promotional materials, and even sketches for all kinds of side merch designed for game fans. And all this work is done most often in the 2D technique.

Thus, even ultra-modern projects in the field of game development require the use of 2D technologies, if not as the primary tool, then as an auxiliary one.

What Features and Skills Are Crucial for a Good 2D Artist

In addition to the use of 2D technologies in game art, an important role is played by the artist, who is hired to draw the game environment, characters, and other stuff. Of course, modern 2D artists use digital technologies and tools. But at the same time, they are not artisans but creators. Not surprisingly, the primary skill that a specialist in the field of 2D game art must have is a traditional academic art education. A refined aesthetic taste, knowledge of color, and skills in arranging objects will help in a new profession.

But that’s not all. On the outside, it may seem that for successful work in the field of 2D art, it is enough to learn how to handle special software. This is a good skill, and we agree with that. The secret of success in the gaming industry is not only hard skills but also passion and a sincere love for computer games. Only a gaming enthusiast can fully understand what will attract players’ love to a new game. One more must-have skill is analyzing games from a professional position, finding striking solutions and using them in your work, improving competitors’ experience, and generating your unique ideas. Besides, the skill of working with modeling static objects will be helpful as well. 

Thus, the secret of a good 2D artist in the gaming industry lies in the combination of academic education, talent, observation, love of games, and skills in 2D modeling.

Moreover, often when developing games, a whole team works on 2D art, which includes the following professionals:

  • Concept artists who form the concept art of the game, its idea, and references.
  • Illustrators who work on static elements of the game, such as loading screens, promotional illustrations, posters, etc.
  • UX / UI designers, whose task is to draw a user-friendly game interface, including 2D elements for game control.
  • Environment artists, if the project is completely created in 2D technique.
  • Character artists who draw your 2D characters thoroughly.

And from the collective work of these specialists, a real gaming masterpiece is created.

Who to Hire to Get 2D Art Services

When it comes to the start of the game development process, it is crucial to enlist support from multiple pros. And 2D artists are no exception. So, where to find them? 

Firstly, you should consider needing a skilled pro with at least a dozen related projects in their portfolio. Then, you have to decide whether to hire a full-time artist for your team or to apply for the services of a 2d game art outsourcing company. The first option is good when you regularly deal with 2D game development, and such projects are taking the lion’s share of your business. In all the other cases, outsourcing game art to a team of 2D artists will be more convenient and, indeed, less costly. In Stepico, these services are available for you. Go over our extensive game art portfolio, describe your idea, and get the services you need to develop a game using leading 2D technologies without hassle.

Claire James
Claire Jameshttp://www.firedigitaluk.com
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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