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Is Goldcore Legit?

Investing in precious metals is definitely a good idea as precious metals, specifically gold and silver appreciate in value over time. If you want to invest in this kind of metals, bear in mind that there are a lot of platforms out there where you can buy and sell silver, gold etc.

Out of the many providers out there, which of them do you think can provide exactly the service you are looking for. Money is involved in investments as such; hence, it is only necessary that you take one step at a time and make things slow and very carefully.

One of the most popular platform today is Goldcore. But despite its popularity, there are still those who do not want to believe in its legitimacy, simply because there are a lot of platforms like Goldcore that are there not to help investors but to take advantage of the desire of investors to earn from gold and silver investment.

Why Goldcore?

Why among the many companies out there, do you think Goldcore is a better option? Being in the industry since 2003, you know for a fact that they are legitimate. No company can last a long time in such a industry unless they are giving their clients fair and honest experience.

Although their full business name is Goldcore Ireland, they are not only present in Ireland. They are also in the UK, and they have offices and clients in over one hundred thirty countries.

Currently, it is Stephen Flood who works as the company’s CEO. He has been a part of Goldcore for around sixteen years already. Stephen claims that he is focused on making sure that he delivers his job, and that is to give the best to all their clients.

The products on their list are internationally known gold and silver coins and bullion bars.

Their company products include American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs,. South Africa Krugerrand coins and British Sovereigns and Britannia coins. Through them, clients can also get the chance of buying one ounce, one kilogram or ten ounces bars from the Perth Mint.

Goldcore currently has over seven thousand five hundred client lists, and they are handling more than two hundred sixty million US dollars of assets.

Although Goldcore is said to be one of the most trusted in the market today, one of the things they can provide their clients are the precious metals IRAs. Hence, if this is what you want to invest into, you have to look for a different company.

They are the best company to consider because of multiple reasons, and some of which are the following:

– They offer highly reliable vaults in different jurisdictions

– They offer fast withdrawals and payments

– They have advisors that are dedicated to work for their platform

– They offer investment grade silver, gold

– They offer the lowest rate for both selling and buying

– Their company offers a fully insured and accredited delivery in different parts of the globe

– You can sell and buy gold and silver using the currency of your choice

Goldcore is a legit provider, hence, worthy to consider. 

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