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Leadific Review – 7 Amazing Benefits for Small Businesses

We all know that small businesses have limited budgets and resources, which means they cannot use the enterprise CRMs like Hubspot or Salesforce. Most of these businesses fail to make the most of the biggest advantage small businesses can have over brands, which is to build strong relationships with customers on a personal level.

Leadific is a sales and customer relationship management software built with small businesses in mind. It solves some of the biggest problems a small business can face.

The only drawback with Leadific is that it can have quite the learning curve because it’s such a comprehensive tool. But while it will look overwhelming initially, it is made for ease of use. There are ready-to-use templates and workflows that you can use. You only need to spend a few days, and you will kill it.

Let’s read about the benefits Leadific has for small businesses.

Lack of sales resources: 

Small businesses have different sales resources than larger ones, making it difficult to generate leads or sales. They have limited staff, market data, research access, or budget for marketing initiatives. Leadific can work like a small sales team looking after lead generation, follow-ups to convert leads into clients, upsells, and more.

Lack of marketing budgets and knowhow: 

Marketing can be expensive, and small businesses often have limited budgets for marketing and advertising initiatives. Plus, they need help understanding the nitty-gritty of online marketing. Leadific comes with tutorials and templates that you can copy and use immediately. It is built with tried and tested strategies, and you can easily apply them without going through hours and hours of training videos. As soon as you sign in and get to the dashboard, things will make a lot of sense.

Lack of brand recognition: 

A small business usually doesn’t have the same brand recognition as a larger one, making it harder to generate sales and attract customers. They often think that they need huge advertising budgets to create brand awareness. In reality, it is much simpler. You need to target a small audience and then keep following up to ensure your brand stays on top of their minds. Again, Leadific will help you do exactly that.

Difficulty standing out from the competition: 

Small businesses often have to compete with larger firms for customers and sales. This can be difficult, as customers may be more familiar with and loyal to larger brands. Building personal relationships is the best way to beat bigger brands. Small businesses need to turn clients into their friends by sending personalized messages. 

It is important to know your customers and pay attention to their likes and dislikes. Customers will always prefer to do business with someone who can offer customized services or products. Leadific makes this customization much more straightforward. 

Lack of customer data: 

Without customer data, developing targeted marketing and sales strategies can be difficult. This data can be used to create buyer personas, understand customer needs and pain points, and develop targeted content and messages. Leadific gives you plenty of data and insights to help you make well-informed decisions.

Limited customer base: 

Small businesses often have a more limited customer base than larger businesses. This can make it difficult to generate enough sales to sustain the business. Thanks to Leadific landing page and sales funnel builders; you can set up a lead generation system for unlimited leads for your business. 

Cross-selling is another way to get more sales from a small customer base. This is when you sell another product or service to a customer who has already bought something. Businesses often use PPC marketing campaigns to reach customers who have already bought from them. Leadific lets you sell more to your customers without paying for every click or view.

Also, remember that Leadific will help you make the most of your limited customer base. It doesn’t matter if the sales come from new or repeat customers. Getting a repeat sale costs less than convincing someone new to buy from you.

Difficulty scaling: 

Small businesses may find it difficult to scale their operations as they grow. This can include hiring new employees, expanding into new markets, or increasing production. Leadific makes scaling so much easier. The membership plan comes with little or no limitations. You can add unlimited customers and create unlimited sales funnels without paying extra.

Leadific is great for digital marketing agencies because they can offer it as a value-added service. Or you can launch your own SaaS business because it can be white-labeled.

It doesn’t need a lot of selling. Remember that you are helping them solve some of their biggest problems, such as lead nurturing and sales. They will gladly pay for it if it brings them more customers and sales. 

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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