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● UK based Thrive Mental Wellbeing has partnered with Vitality Works to launch Thrive Oceania – supporting workplace mental health in Australia and New Zealand.

● The joint venture will allow Vitality Works to extend its workplace health services with unparalleled mental health support services provided by Thrive.

● With one in five Australians suffering from at least one mental disorder in 2021, according to AIHW’s latest report, mental health support is vital now more than ever.

UK-based Thrive Mental Wellbeing is today announcing the formation of Thrive Oceania – a joint venture formed in partnership with Vitality Works, the workplace health services arm of the Sanitarium Group, which operates in Australia and New Zealand. According to the latest Australian Institute for Health and Welfare report on Mental Health, one in five (21%) Australians aged 16-85 had suffered from at least one mental disorder in 2021, indicating that there has never been a more important time for businesses to increase support for their employees.

Thrive Mental Wellbeing has grown to become globally recognised as a trusted workplace wellbeing solution specifically supporting mental health. With a mission to break the stigma in the UK and worldwide, Thrive Mental Wellbeing offers services to millions of employees to help deal with the challenges of declining mental health. By beginning the conversation in the workplace, Thrive Mental Wellbeing identifies those in need of support. This is achieved through smart tech, which screens users, applying the GAD/PHQ scales used by the NHS and internationally. This enables
engagement and recovery, but in addition offers increased awareness and improved communication around mental health, which will improve outcomes for its users and the wider community.

Vitality Works is well-respected in the workplace health, safety, and wellbeing market across Australia and New Zealand. With the increasingly rapid growth in demand for mental healthcare, the company knew it had to extend its employee wellbeing programme with professional, clinically supported mental health support and sought to find the ideal solution. Upon discovering Thrive Mental Wellbeing, Vitality Works was immediately taken with the services provided and the underlying app which facilitates them. It soon became apparent that there was a synergy between the two organisations, with both dedicated to improving the mental health landscape by focusing on outcomes.

Thrive Oceania offers Vitality Works customers and their employees all the benefits of Thrive Mental Wellbeing’s support services alongside existing Vitality Works workplace health, safety and wellbeing solutions. The establishment of the joint venture will also include the extension of Thrive Mental Wellbeing’s proactive Triage and Therapy Services to around-the-clock care – enabling support in other critical regions, including all time zones in North America.

Dr Andres Fonseca, Co-Founder of Thrive Mental Wellbeing, commented, “I am very excited about this joint venture with Vitality Works. Both organisations are focused on the things that I believe truly matter. We have strong human values at our core and are focused on providing evidence-based, clinically validated interventions that help prevent and treat mental health conditions. Thanks to our partnership, Vitality Works will be able to provide Thrive Mental Wellbeing’s high-quality mental health services to its customers, making them accessible in Australia and New Zealand. This is thanks to the deep relationship and positive collaboration achieved in a joint venture. I am looking forward to seeing first-hand the positive impact this will have on the people of Australia and New Zealand, now and into the future.”

Cathy McDonald, Executive General Manager of Vitality Works said of the joint venture: “We are delighted to welcome Thrive Mental Wellbeing to the Vitality Works family as part of our exclusive joint venture to bring the world’s best partner to revolutionise EAP in Australia and New Zealand. Trusted by over 1.6 million users with unparalleled impact and ROI, Thrive Mental Health will transform how individuals access psychologists and support services for the more than 50% of workers who experience mental health conditions in our region.”

Thrive Mental Wellbeing partners with businesses worldwide to provide employees with free at the point of access, unparalleled, evidence-based, and clinically validated mental health services. Supported by an intuitive app, companies have seen a significant improvement in mental wellbeing across their employee base. For case studies or more information about Thrive Mental Wellbeing, visit

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