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Why is Working with a Crypto PR Firm so Important for Success in Blockchain?

Even if you’re new to the world of blockchain, you might have noticed some clear differences with how things run in this industry. In many regards, there are overlaps between blockchain and centralized finance. Both of these fields deal with large quantities of money, financial projects, and act as core components of the lives of millions of people.

Yet, look at a blockchain marketing campaign and one in the world of finance, and you’ll instantly start to see the differences. What’s more, if you opened up a financial news website and compared that to a leading cryptocurrency news site like Cointelegraph or Coindesk. One of the core differences is the speed with which news occurs and is then forgotten about in cryptocurrency.

When you look at traditional finance, news is typically slow. One bit of government legislation or a scandal can occupy headlines for weeks at a time. In the world of crypto, the complete opposite is true. There’s a new piece of big news every single day, which is then replaced by something totally different the next day.

To exist in the world of blockchain marketing, you need to forget what traditional industries may have taught you. For those that are new to this space, this is much easier said than done. That’s why it’s so common for blockchain businesses to hire crypto PR firms at the initial stages of their project launch.

In this article, we’ll dive into exactly why blockchain companies often have to rely on PR firms, demonstrating how they’re so useful for breaking into this industry. Let’s dive right in.

Crypto PR Firms Stay On Top of News Cycles

As we stated above, the world of cryptocurrency news moves fast. Luckily, crypto PR brands are accustomed to this velocity of producing high-quality content. When you attempt to get your content on crypto news sites without the help of a PR firm, you’ll fail in two ways:

  • Lack of Connections – Finding places to post your content is going to be difficult when you’re new to the industry. News websites don’t owe new projects anything, making this a hard market to crack.
  • The slowness of Content Production – Even if you do find places to post, if you’re not able to rapidly produce high-quality press releases and news coverage, you’ll quickly lose your spot to other voracious companies.

A leading crypto pr firm will already have a large network of websites that they’re connected to. This will help get your content in front of a larger audience. When it comes to breaking into SERPs, having healthy backlinks from a number of different sites will also help Google to start to rank your content.

Crypto PR firms have connections to news sites where you can share press releases about your most recent developments. Equally, they’ll also have a number of other connections to sites where you can guest post other content. These will further feed back into the total number of backlinks your site has.

Considering that the first page of Google gets upwards of 71% of natural traffic, the sooner you’re able to get your content into the top 10, the better. 

Crypto PR Firms Help with Grass Roots Community Building

Building a community around your cryptocurrency brand is one of the most important elements that new projects have to tackle when launching. While other industries also have their communities, this aspect isn’t nearly as important there as when working in blockchain. Without an active community around a project, it will quickly stagnate and fall off.

Understanding this, one of the main things that crypto PR firms will do when working with a company is beginning to launch community-building events. From airdrops to Q+As to a number of other modern PR strategies, lots of their early work will revolve around creating a hub for new members to stumble upon.

If you underestimate the importance of a community, your project is going to suffer. Crypto PR agencies are experts in building trust around your project, which will help you conquer your own piece of this highly-competitive field.

A Crypto PR Firm Can Help Craft Your Brand Vision and Communication Styles

When starting a new project, many that are new to blockchain and cryptocurrency have a fairly 2d perspective of the people that work and invest in this industry. Without understanding that there is actually a great deal of nuisance across different sub-sectors of this industry, your project’s messaging will fall flat.

Depending on what your blockchain project offers, a crypto PR firm will be able to conduct comprehensive audience studies. If you don’t yet have an audience, their previous experiences will fill in the data blanks, allowing you to then understand more about who you’re trying to target.

Once you’ve got this established, you’re then able to move on to getting your brand voice, vision, and communication styles correct. These should all reflect your ideal customer, helping you to connect more easily with your future audience.

Across years of experience, crypto PR brands will be able to rapidly form these ideal audiences and reverse engineer the perfect tone of voice for all following branding elements.

Final Thoughts

Without working alongside a crypto PR firm, most users are going to run into problem after problem. Not understanding how quickly this space moves, how essential community-building is, and how projects are made or broken by trust, there are a huge number of ways new projects can damage their own reputation.

A crypto PR firm will help businesses navigate through this space, crafting messages that resonate with their audience and draw in new investors. Due to how relatively young this industry is, without the guidance of a veteran PR company, blockchain companies won’t get far.

It’s always a good idea to play it safe and work with a PR agency before your crypto CEO inadvertently drives your project into the ground.

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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