Monday, April 15, 2024 Showcases Chinese New Year Grand Promotion Trends; Promotes New Atmosphere

The annual Chinese New Year Grand Promotion came to Chinese e-commerce mega-platform this past year, ranging 34 days from December 26 until January 28. During this shopping extravaganza, millions of customers took to as they showcased their strong preferences for certain gifts, sales, and marketing tactics. As China’s one-stop-shop for quality products of all categories, attractive prices, same/next-day shipping, and unparalleled customer services,    continues to expand its customer base with over 580 million active users as of this February and serves as a trusted partner for more and more brands and merchants globally to effectively grow their business. showcased a litany of stats and figures relevant to their effective work from 2022 – ’23. In this coming year’s promotion, a new slate of products will empower merchants even more.

Let’s take a look back at the Chinese New Year Grand Promotion to better understand its trends and how it may impact the work of going forward.

Festivity For the Rest Of Us

This most recent Grand Promotion saw certain trends as impossible to ignore. According to a report by’ Consumption and Industry Development Institute, consumers were highly focused on crafting a festive atmosphere at home, with more than 82% of consumers purchasing traditional food. Another 60% of shoppers pointed out that they were ready to buy festive decorations, paper cuttings, traditional paintings, and other decor-related products.

Convenience is King

In the same way that consumers were flocking to festive products, JD also saw a serious focus on purchasing consumer care products. Through the same marketing data, JD revealed that nearly 27.7% of customers were looking to purchase educational books while even more (33.2%) were focused on consuming healthcare products and age-friendly household goods up to and including smart home devices like auto-floor sweeping robots.

As convenience continues to be the throughline for’s success, marketing metrics are backing that concept in spades. A report on revealed that nearly 80% of consumers were planning on shipping within their means, a direct change of action when compared to prior years. Additionally, nearly 28% of consumers posited that they looked at quality, service, and after-sales terms before they cared for pricing.

Thanks to convenient access and the synergy with Dada Group that provides online-to-offline shopping delivery service with its couriers, JD’s Shop Now, the on-demand shopping program, offers hourly purchases and delivery services within a single hour. During the Grand Promotion, JD saw the direct impact that Shop Now had on their bottom line when sales increased by nearly 70% Year over Year. Leading the charge during this sales drive have been dried gift boxes, low-temperature cooked foods, and ready-to-cook meals.

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