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NEW Harry Potter 50p coins! Could they make you a fortune? FIND OUT!!

  • Could the new Harry Potter 50p coins bewitch you into amassing a small fortune? The four-coin set features the wizard and portraits of two different rulers.
  • Experts forecast that a surge of interest in Harry Potter-themed 50p coins could be on the way. It is anticipated that these coins may become highly sought-after collectibles.

The NEW Harry Potter coins are extremely scare and could be worth tens of thousands per coin in several years to come

This four-coin set is remarkably scarce, displaying the likenesses of two distinct rulers.

The beloved stories have resulted in a variety of collector’s items, such as Harry Potter wands and Hogwarts school trunks.

Collectors are predicted to jump at the chance of acquiring four 50p coins themed after Harry Potter. It is an unlikely boom that experts anticipate.

This collection is scarce since it holds the image of two distinct rulers.

The first two coins feature Harry Potter’s face or the Hogwarts Express train on one side, with the late Queen appearing on the reverse.

These coins were minted last year, having been designed prior to the Queen’s passing, stamped with the year ‘2022’.

Two additional coins, emblazoned with Professor Dumbledore and Hogwarts school, will be issued with the King’s likeness featured on the opposite side of each one. Both coins will be dated ‘2023’.

The Dumbledore coin was released just last month, with a Hogwarts-themed design due to be unveiled in the later part of the year.

Coin experts anticipate that the series will be wildly sought after by both collectors and investors.

These coins are legal tender but will not go into general circulation. Instead, they can be purchased through the Royal Mint website at a cost of £11 each.

Royal Mint refrained from commenting on how many coins are being produced in the series. Alex Siddons, who works for coin website Change Checker, expressed his opinion, stating: ‘When a coin’s design features one-of-a-kind tales behind it, such as dual dates, dual portraits or limited editions, they become must-haves immediately.’

Collectors find them more interesting and their value is perceived to be higher.

This sought-after collection has been a hit with avid collectors and fervent Harry Potter fans, and this year’s issuing of the final coin will make it truly memorable.

Celebrate twenty-five years since the publication of the first book in the Harry Potter series with a set of commemorative 50p coins. Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone served as the introduction to a magical world, which has captivated millions around the globe.

Some of the ‘brilliant uncirculated’ versions of the coins can be found on eBay listed for £17, which is 55 pc more than they cost new.

The 2022 Hogwarts Express 50 pence coin, which is the last of its denomination to showcase Queen Elizabeth II, has become a highly prized item among collectors, according to Alex.

Demand for the first Harry Potter coin, which featured the title character, was staggering last year, according to Change Checker.

The Royal Mint’s Myths and Legends Collection celebrates both Queen and King with coins like that of King Arthur. They come in denominations of £100, £25, £5, and £2.

The first Harry Potter coin, which was produced last year and depicted the protagonist, proved hugely popular amongst collectors.

The inaugural Harry Potter coin, minted last year and featuring the series’ titular character, was met with an incredible response from collectors.

A version of the £2 coin with the Queen on was minted, and a 1oz silver coin from this run was released for sale at £99.50, with a mintage of 2,500; unfortunately it has sold out. However, there is still stock remaining of the other £2 Silver Bullion which can be bought for just £27.74. Now newly minted coins will feature a portrait of the King instead.

This limited-edition King Charles £2 coin has only 2,500 available and carries a price tag of £99.50.

The King Arthur coin commemorating King Charles is certainly expensive at £2,725 – this is for the 1oz gold coin with a limited edition of 200.

Christopher Collects, a coin expert from the Britannia Coin Company, declares that this collection will be an illuminating physical representation of the evolution of the crown. He finds coins to be extremely captivating.

This unique coin collection commemorates a time lost to those of us alive in the present day.

Arthur is a renowned figure in mythology, so having Charles take on the name as one of his reginal titles could be seen to honour both kings; past and present.

Dominic Chorney, a coin specialist at A. H. Baldwin & Sons, notes the peculiarity of commemorative coin sets featuring coins issued in the name of two different monarchs; something he has never encountered before.

The beginning of December saw the issuance of King Charles’ first coins for circulation. These will impact the sought-after nature of the sets.

An amount of 9.6 million 50p coins featuring the new King have been made available.

The design used on the crown created to celebrate the Queen’s coronation in 1953 is presented as evidence.

The Royal Arms are featured within a shield, with the four quarters adorned with emblems of the home nations.

This coin displays a likeness of the King from when he was celebrating his 70th birthday.

In accordance with tradition, His Majesty’s image appears facing left on new coinage – a direction that is the reverse of that of his late mother.

Unlike the Queen, he does not have a crown as it is customary for female monarchs to be represented with one on coins.

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