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The Best UK savings accounts and rates for 2023 – Get up to 5% !!

We have searched the current top ten regular savings accounts across the UK offering the highest interest are available in 2023.

These accounts boast impressive savings rates, so be sure to check them out!

Do you need assistance in making a wise investment decision this year? ABC Money has made the effort to research the top savings rates, eliminating the need for you to search.

The cost of living continues to rise, with inflation gradually reducing the worth of money. This has caused people in Britain to look for savings options that can provide them with the greatest returns.

Regular savings accounts have been providing savers with some of the most generous interest rates in recent memory, however, these can change from time to time so it is important to keep an eye on changes in the market.

Rachel Springall, finance expert at Moneyfacts, commented on the savings market trends saying that beneficial competition among providers has resulted in both easy access and notice rates climbing to their highest levels in over 14 years. This is largely attributed to the consecutive Bank of England Base Rate rises.

She pointed out that the total number of savings accounts had risen significantly, with a larger increase than in March 2022 and the most since November 2022.

Ms Springall stated that this was an optimistic outlook for the future, particularly as we approach a new tax year.

There are numerous methods of saving, yet regular savings accounts provide an excellent starting point for gathering funds.

These accounts typically offer attractive interest rates and terms that incentivize savers to make regular deposits. With minimal withdrawals, they can earn money on their savings, as long as they meet the requirements of each account.

Savings accounts that beat the UK’s inflation rate are currently unavailable, however Moneyfacts has brought together a list of the 10 with the highest-interest rates.

TOP Ten Regular Savings Accounts With Higher Interest Rates

If you’re looking for a regular savings account with a competitive rate of interest, here are 10 accounts which offer some of the highest returns. These offerings from various banks and building societies provide an opportunity to save funds whilst earning maximum gains each month.

First on the list is First Direct’s Regular Saver offering a seven percent Annual Equivalent Rate (AER) for up to £3,600 per annum.

Interest is calculated on a daily basis and given upon the maturity of the account, one year after its opening. Savers are given the ability to deposit amounts from £25 to £300 in increments of £5 each month.

NatWest’s interest rate is 6.17 percent on sums up to £5,000, and 0.65 percent thereafter. Monthly interest is added, and you’re free to make as many withdrawals as you wish.

Nationwide Building Society’s Start to Save (Issue 2) trailed in fourth with an AER of five percent.

Interest is computed every day and paid annually on the day it was opened. Anyone who regularly sets aside between £25 to £50 each month will be automatically entered into a prize draw of £250, with several fortunate people being chosen as winners.

This savings account offers instant access, meaning any money withdrawn can be quickly retrieved. However, if individuals want to enter the prize draw, they should aim to return at least some of their withdrawal before the end of the current month.

TSB’s Monthly Saver Account came in fifth, offering a competitive AER of five percent.

You can open this account with as little as £1 and the returns are calculated daily and paid annually at the end of the term.

A standing order for a sum between £25 and £250 must be set up from a TSB current account on a monthly basis. No more than one payment can be made each month, with the ability to withdraw instantly without any penalties. However, the removed funds can not be returned.

Hinckley & Rugby BS’s Regular Saver 30 Day Notice Account takes sixth place with an AER of 4.75 percent.

A £10 initial deposit is needed in order to open the account, with the potential of up to £500 deposited on a monthly basis. Unrestricted withdrawals can be done, although this will necessitate giving thirty-days’ notice in advance. If payments are missed twice, then the account will convert back to Plain Sailing Easy Access Account.

Coming in seventh is Yorkshire Building Society’s Christmas Regular Saver, boasting an AER of 4.5 percent.

£1 is required to open the account, and interest is accrued daily, with payment on October 31. Up to £300 can be deposited every month, however only one withdrawal is allowed within the duration of the term.

The Monthly Saver from Lloyds Bank offers an AER of 4.5 percent, placing it eighth.

In order to open the account, a minimum deposit of £25 is necessary. Additionally, regular contributions of between £25 and £250 should be added each month.

In order to open a Lloyds Savings Account, savers must already possess a Lloyds Current Account. After the term finishes after 12 months, any withdrawals made are without penalty and interest is then payable.

Halifax’s Regular Saver takes ninth spot with an AER of 4.5 percent.

To open a Lloyds Regular Saver account, an initial deposit of £25 is mandatory, and ongoing monthly deposits from £25 to £250 must be made.

The AER is set for 12 months, after which the balance will be moved to an Everyday Saver account on the anniversary of the account opening.

It is not allowed to make withdrawals, however the account can be terminated before the term ends at no cost.

Lastly, the Bank of Scotland’s Monthly Saver comes in tenth with an AER of 4.5 percent.

This 12-month bond requires a Bank of Scotland current account and allows savers to make deposits of between £25 to £250 per month.

You can take out as much money from this account as you like without incurring any penalties, and after 12 months, it will become an Instant Access Savings Account.

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