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SolidusX Trading Platform 2023 Review: Reinventing online trading

Started its operations in January 2021, SolidusX continues to make investor access to global financial markets with a safe, secure and legit platform. In 2023 it is simpler and more accessible with its upgraded interface. Helping investors gain an edge in profiting from global market trends, SolidusX now offers a new referral system.

London — SolidusX, an innovative trading platform developed by London-based Solidus Capital, will provide investors, both novice and professional, with easy access to global markets by positioning them to profit from market trends in crypto currencies, FX, corporate stocks and other asset classes.

SolidusX Investment Director David Ginsburg commented, “We help investors gain an edge whether markets are going down or up. Investors can trade popular crypto currencies, hedge positions or take profit on market rallies by positioning themselves accordingly.”

SolidusX offers a fully customized trading experience thanks to its intuitive interface showcasing multiple screen support. SolidusX is easy to use even for novice traders, featuring a simple design, whilst providing professional traders with the tools and options such as creating different types of graphics and executing transactions using graphics. SolidusX beats its competitors with low transaction fees in fast, reliable and budget-friendly trading.

Allowing investors to transact in all asset classes on a 24/7 basis, SolidusX is focused on taking advantage of global market trends to maximize profit. The platform resembles the trading pages investors are used to, and it houses all the requisite tools traders need. An Order Book supported by graphics makes it possible to see current trends as well as exchange rates easily and traders are able to customize their main screen.

In 2023, SolidusX is adding new features to maximise user experience, including its new referral system. Anyone is welcome to become a SolidusX affiliate and begin promoting their unique referral link. Ginsburg concluded by making a review, “Its trading engine has been designed to meet the highest online-trading industry standards. All systems have been uniquely coded to minimise latency and increase execution speed. System automatically monitors all risks and executes full risk check after every order placement. With its enhanced 2FA and fingerprint access control, SolidusX is safe and secure. When we combine this with advanced trading tools on a legit platform, it means SolidusX continues to reinvent the concept of online trading.”

Contact: David Ginsburg,

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