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Top 4 Games to Attract Players

One of the biggest challenges for owners of betting companies is the need to retain existing players and attract new ones. One such method is to offer not only sports betting, but also casino games. This allows for competition with traditional casinos for customers and increases revenue.

There are countless simple yet popular games that attract the attention of gamblers and entice them to return. Experts from the software provider for betting shops,, have shared a few such games.

Top Gambling Options For Players

Before we get into the top-4 most popular games, let’s see some of the most popular gambling categories. You can find a few solutions that would make your betting shop more cost-effective and competitive. 

Betting Solutions

Most online casinos have betting solutions for a reason: players love to make bets. You can visit any popular online casino and find betting options. Business owners understand that betting games are in high demand. Moreover, they provide players with new and more exciting betting options.

If a few years ago, players could place bets on sports teams or individuals, but today the list of options is much wider. Gamblers can choose to bet on sports, horse and dog racing, e-sports, and even on simulated reality matches! That’s why adding betting solutions is key to the success of any online casino. 

Card Games

Given how many gambling options players today have, it’s surprising that card games are still popular. Card games are often referred to as skill-based games since one must understand the rules of the game. Moreover, card games are not a game of chance but aren’t luck-based. 

Card games are still in high demand despite players having an opportunity to bet on sports, simulated reality league matches, enjoying new slots every season, and having other gambling opportunities at their disposal. Today, players often prefer poker or blackjack, especially if these are live-dealer games. Typically, retail betting shops use the services of reliable software providers like to provide the best live experience.

Gamblers enjoy card games precisely because they are difficult. Players must make calculations, evaluate their odds and chances of winning, and decide whether to continue playing. Moreover, playing live is even more exciting since gamblers see other players. 

Other Options

Every now and then developers come up with innovative software solutions to make gambling more interesting for players. After all, if there is a demand for exciting games, why not offer a supply? Thus, software developers came up with a few amazing solutions, and one of them is a simulated reality league.

The simulated reality league (SRL) is a virtual sports betting solution that has recently been offered at select retail betting establishments. SRL provides virtual versions of various sports like football, basketball, tennis, and horse racing. SRL uses computer algorithms to generate virtual match results based on pre-existing data such as player statistics, team history, and other pertinent information.

SRL matches are normally available any time gamblers feel like playing. With real-time commentary and live match updates, the virtual matches are designed to be as realistic as possible. The outcomes of each match are determined by algorithms that consider the teams’ and players’ past data.

Top-4 Most Successful Casino Games Of All Times

Now that you know more about different gambling solutions, let’s check out some of the most popular casino games of all time!


It’s a highly popular game where gamblers aim to obtain a card hand value of 21. If it’s impossible to get the 21 value (which happens more often than not), they should aim to get as close to 21 without exceeding it. 

Each player gets two cards (face up), while the dealer gets one card face up and one card face down. All players at a table can hit or stand, where hit means getting another card, and stand means not requesting another card. The game continues until some players or dealers reach 21 or close to this value.

So, why is blackjack so popular? It’s a card game; it’s not based solely on luck. Blackjack offers a great combination of strategy, luck, and excitement. Experienced gamblers use various strategies that often require counting cards, increasing their chances of winning. Thus, there is also the added benefit of potentially winning big!

Lucky Six

Lucky Six is a lottery-based game. It’s available in some retail gambling establishments. It is based on a numbered ball draw, much like classic lottery games. The game is still distinct in that it employs six balls rather than the conventional lottery format of five balls. Such a peculiarity provides gamblers with an additional chance to win.

There are six different colored balls in Lucky Six, each with a specific number. The numbers range from one to forty-eight. Players can place bets on the color or number of the ball they believe will be pulled before the game begins. This is why the game is so popular among gamblers, many still prefer the type of entertainment based on luck. 


No casino can strive without at least one variation of poker! It’s one of the most popular table games in the world. The game involves making a bet and playing with others. Each player aims to get the best hand (the hand’s value depends on poker’s variation) or to fool other players that they have it and make them fold. 

The game is in high demand for a few reasons. Poker is based on the skills and experience of various players. If a gambler plays long enough and studies various strategies, they can expect better results and win more money. Moreover, winning in poker offer satisfaction and a sense of achievement because of applying one’s skills and winning. 


Spinning a wheel and a small ball without applying a strategy sounds like fun, isn’t it? Well, gamblers love this game, and thus, roulette keeps its leading position as one of the most popular games. The gambler must place a bet and hope for the best outcome.

Roulette is so popular because it’s easy to understand and play. Moreover, it has quite a few betting options and offers nice rewards for gamblers. It’s an absolute “must-have” for each casino. 

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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