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Bernhard Burgener on Hiring Employees with a Strong Work Ethic

Bernhard Burgener is an entrepreneur and businessman with 40 years of experience. With his extensive business background, he understands the necessity of a strong work ethic. When hiring new employees, it is essential to incorporate the lessons mentioned throughout this article to see success.

Hiring new employees has its risks. By reading up on evaluating if someone has a strong work ethic, the risks may decrease. In this article, Bernhard Burgener will provide insights on the best tips surrounding this subject. In addition, he will review the mindset, inspirations, and qualities of people that embody the true meaning of striving for a stronger work ethic.

The work ethic mindset

A strong work ethic naturally requires a “can-do” attitude. People ready to cultivate a strong work ethic must implement a self-disciplined, owner-like mindset. Burgener suggests refining a few qualities to maximize success in the workplace, especially as a new employee. Moreover, as a hiring manager, knowing what this mindset looks like is vital to ensure venturing into new territory with the right people.

A strong work ethic mindset is the most crucial factor to consider during this growth and hiring period. A decent chunk of this depends on potential employees’ levels of self-discipline. Self-discipline, in large part, is the skill to understanding the rhythms of how one works best and then optimize that process. W While there are slower parts to the day and focus levels may vary, overall self-discipline will prove that workers are competent and ready to be the best possible worker during their contracted hours.

Some other qualities of people with a strong work ethic may be taking more initiative and demonstrating less complacency. When hiring new people, looking out for who takes the initiative is vital. This way, when problems arise at work, people can depend on a new hire to find solutions and act accordingly. People with a strong work ethic will also show levels of passion and motivation, therefore curbing the likelihood of complacency. Keep watch for these qualities when conducting interviews.

Inspirations to follow

Looking up to people already in a managerial or ownership role will go far when cultivating a strong work ethic. Burgener says, “following the footsteps of your favorite bosses or managers will set you up for a path of success when it comes to fully embracing a strong work ethic.”

The people you spend time with will indeed influence how you work and the habits you develop. Of course, this also applies to bosses, managers, and C-suite superiors within a given environment. A modern example of this is influencers on social media. Many people will follow who they look up to, whether it’s for their unique opinions or even the products they use.

Influencers are not only on social media. Friends, colleagues, and managers are all forms of influencers that have a substantial effect on daily life. Especially at work, where people spend many hours, the office culture has a large effect on employees. When a workplace insists on a healthy and happy work environment, employees tend to be more satisfied and cultivate a stronger work ethic.

Encouraging better work methods in the office starts with hiring people that fit a growth mindset and set good examples for those around them. Burgener says ways to improve work culture and encourage better work ethics may include fun outings, social gatherings in the office, professional development opportunities, and extra online resources for employees to review in their own time.

Embodying the role

When learning to cultivate and embody this new perspective as an employee, common struggles may arise. This might include an increased awareness of procrastination habits and unfocused practices. However, truly embodying the role of an owner means managing these common downfalls and overcoming them with persistence and determination.

Burgener describes embodying the role of an owner as taking responsibility for tasks and meetings independently, conducting productive conversations to problem-solve when necessary, and always coming up with new creative solutions to improve company standards and procedures.

It is not only for the benefit of companies to have employees with strong work ethics. Employees themselves can level up their game by enacting this quality. It is important for employees to understand that improving their work ethics will only do them good in the long run.

Most people will say that career growth is extremely important to them. The successful businessman says that embodying the role of an owner allows for this growth and further goal orientation. He explains that with the steps and qualities listed in this article, hiring new employees with a strong work ethic may be more likely. In addition, workers themselves can understand what it means to step up in their roles.

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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