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Cahootz to Launch Property Investment Platform Offering Fractional Ownership of Greenwich Peninsula Rental Property

Cahootz Group Ltd has announced the upcoming launch of its innovative fractional property investment platform. The platform aims to make property investment more accessible by removing barriers to entry and simplifying the process of buy-to-let investing.

Property investment has traditionally been complex, time-consuming, and expensive, limiting opportunities for potential investors. Cahootz seeks to democratize the property investment market by offering fractional ownership of premium rental properties. Investors will be able to purchase fractions representing a percentage ownership of specific properties, entitling them to a proportionate share of rental income and potential capital appreciation.

“Our goal at Cahootz is to disrupt the UK buy-to-let market and enable more people to benefit from long-term property ownership,” said Raymond Harte, Co-Founder and CEO of Cahootz Group Ltd. “Our platform will not only facilitate faster investment and portfolio diversification but also simplify the investment process.”

To launch the platform in the UK, Cahootz has partnered with innovative property developer Knight Dragon. The collaboration will offer fractional ownership opportunities for rental properties located at Greenwich Peninsula. With a total investment of £8.4 billion, the Greenwich Peninsula development is Europe’s largest regeneration project, spanning over 150 acres and featuring 17,000+ homes and 48 acres of green, public space. The riverside location and the growing population in the area make it a prime investment opportunity.

Investors will have the ability to browse property listings and invest in high-value rental properties in London with a minimum investment starting from £2,750 (£5,500 for first-time investors). Cahootz will handle all legal and financial aspects of the property purchase and ongoing management on behalf of investors, who can easily monitor their portfolio using the Cahootz web application.

“At Cahootz, we are dedicated to complete transparency,” added Petri Kivinen, Co-Founder and CCO of Cahootz Group Ltd. “Investors will have full oversight of their properties through their portfolio dashboard, including detailed information on purchase costs, monthly rental income, and expenses.”

Cahootz offers a unique opportunity to invest in high-quality UK rental properties, catering to both first-time property investors and experienced landlords seeking portfolio diversification without additional time commitments.

For more information on the Cahootz fractional property investment platform, please visit

Elliot Preece
Elliot Preece
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