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Secrets of Successful Marketing: Online Gaming Industry Case Study

The marketing industry is living in confusing times in 2023. And the reasons couldn’t be easier to understand. The term ‘marketing’ was coined in the 20th century as the act of trying to market a product. That is, a calculated, strategic effort to show the qualities of products aiming for the best sales numbers possible.

But things have changed radically. Nowadays, global brands communicate values – institutional values – through mass advertisement campaigns.

In other words, big brands like Apple, Coca Cola and car manufacturers like Ford and General Motors want you to think that they have the best interest of society in their hearts, minds, and why not, pockets!

To put together a global advertisement, brands now need to calculate exactly what they want to communicate. Long gone are the days when ads and marketing were all about the product and how it could positively affect the lives of potential consumers.

The actors of ads need to convey that the brand is aware of the importance of diversity and how society is evolving.

Some industries have been more successful than others when it comes to conveying a rejuvenated image in the eyes of 2023 consumers.

The Thriving World of Casinos: A Global Phenomenon

The casino industry – especially the online side of it – has a lot of lessons to teach to most marketing professionals and newcomers out there.

It has been able to convey an image of being a place where wealth is naturally present. The very next spin of an online progressive slot like Mega Moolah could deliver an amazing, 8-figure prize. On the other hand, VIP rooms are just one part of this world.

Everyone is welcome in the world of casinos and online operations: whether you want to bet £0.10 or £100,000: there always is a suitable room for players that want to meet the glamorous and potentially profitable world of online casinos. In fact, it is such a rich world: you can easily find promotions to enhance your gaming budget and eventually bet for free! 32red bonus offers usually are among the best of the best when it comes to providing a prime gaming experience to new online casino bettors from the UK.

iGaming Casino Marketing: Bonus Promotions

It is true that the most relevant operators out there offer similar lists of slots and other games including live casino rooms.

So, what can differentiate average operators of online casinos from the best ones out there in Britain? Bonus offers certainly constitute an interesting factor to evaluate the most relevant operations out there.

As they don’t have a lot to show in terms of product exclusivity, the promotions to test the services of new casinos are very interesting forms of comparing ‘how hard’ each casino wants to see you betting with them.

Let’s learn a bit about the most important forms of bonuses out there.

Online Casino Marketing Tools

Deposit Bonuses

Most online casinos offer a ‘deposit match’ bonus, which is a multiplier that gives you more betting funds to enjoy a specific site. This promotion can be expressed in the form of a percentage or a monetary value. If you deposit £200, you can expect to earn between £100 and £200 in the form of extra betting funds to test new casinos. This can be advertised as a 50-100% deposit match bonus, or a 100 GBP to 200 GBP betting Bonus

Free Spins

Another popular form of betting bonuses are the free spins, that is, free rounds to test popular slot machines.

Packages of Bonus Offers

It’s also common to see packages that are composed of a deposit match + free spins offer. 100% deposit match + 50-100 free spins is a common offer in the UK Market.

Summary: iGaming Marketing – the case of online casinos

Online casinos have experienced a myriad of promotions, tested across the years. The result is a very consolidated set of promotions based on deposit match and free spin bonuses, which dictate the standard marketing practices of the online gaming industry, especially in the UK.

UK players can enjoy the ‘fight’ for new players and make the most of the free funds offered to test the services of new British casino operators.

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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