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Why Parents Need to Know About Cyberbullying and how to Prevent it

Cyberbullying is bullying in the digital world. It can affect the kids negatively; parents and caregivers need to know the details to prevent it.

According to the National Bullying Prevention Center, bullying can lead to school shootings and suicide. So, parents and caregivers must focus on preventing bullying of all sorts.

Children need to be safe and protected. With the rise of internet use and social media, it’s easy to target a kid by making their funny video, image, or story public or bullying them online in different ways.

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Why Do Parents Need to Know About Cyberbullying?

Education starts at home! The parents and caregivers spend a lot of time with the kids. Promoting acts of kindness from an early age can go a long way. On the other hand, parents may not be aware of the dangers of the online world, including cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying happens when a kid becomes a victim of online bullying. The bully may share negative information about the kid that could be false. The goal of this person is to embarrass or insult the kid; thus, it can negatively impact the victim.

The parents may not be aware of cyberbullying as they may not use certain social media platforms that could be common with the kids. For example, a bully can share an image of the child and photoshop it to make it funny or inappropriate.

The bully may try to scare the kid online; thus, the parent’s involvement can help. On the other hand, if parents are unaware of the situation, there is nothing much they would be able to do. Thus, knowledge of cyberbullying can help in preventing it.

How Can Parents Help Prevent Cyberbullying?

First, parents need to educate themselves about using different social media platforms and what comes under cyberbullying. Some behavior could be unacceptable; thus, they would need to take the help of the law.

Consider the following:

  • Parents need to establish ground rules. Let the kids know what type of behavior is acceptable and what’s unacceptable.
  • Educate kids on how to behave in the online world. List what behavior is positive as a digital citizen and what may come under bullying.
  • Kids must not be allowed to share personal details without their parent’s consent.
  • Encourage kids to let you know if someone is threatening or trying to scare them online.
  • Set parental controls. Learn how to make the most of parenting features with the help of online videos.
  • Parents can talk to other parents and share their concerns. But, share details with someone you trust.
  • Use a common computer or laptop and keep it in the house’s main area.
  • Set a screen limit, and don’t let your kids use the screen time more than what you have set!
  • Talk to your children about their behavior. It’s possible that the child could be a bully, and thus, it’s vital to understand the motives behind such actions.
  • Take appropriate action if you find a kid or a stranger bullying your child online. If it’s happening in the school, talk to the teacher.
  • Take your kids into confidence. When kids trust their parents, it is easy to share any information.

What works for one parent or family may not work for the other. You must see what rules apply to your kids and family and decide accordingly.


What to do if your kid is a bully?

Your kid may have an intention or motive. Try finding the underlying reason. Give support to your kid, and if needed, consider counseling. Providing a safe space for the children is essential. Finding the underlying cause can help you understand your kid’s behavior. Also, educate your child about what may happen if they continue their negative behavior.

What to do if someone is bullying your kid?

If someone is bullying your kid, you may notice a change in your kid’s behavior. Try talking to your child about it. Ask questions in different ways. Talk to other parents, but be careful. Ask the friends of your child about their routine in school if possible. Consider counseling if the child refuses to share information and appears anxious, sad, and depressed. If you find someone is bullying the child, understand what steps you can take to tackle the situation. Ask other parents or teachers to guide you if you need help.

Wrapping It Up

Bullying is not limited to the real world; it’s common as cyberbullying in the digital world. A bully may take advantage of modern technology and can bully a child. Still, parents can prevent cyberbullying by educating their children on becoming responsible digital citizens and taking appropriate actions.

Claire James
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Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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