Monday, June 24, 2024

Doshi Secures Pre-Seed Funding to Expand Gamified Learning for Financial Institutions

Doshi, the gamified financial education platform, has announced the successful completion of additional funding for its Pre-Seed round, bringing the total funding amount to £1 million. The funding was led by the Austrian Pre-Seed Fund Calm/Storm Ventures, with participation from notable investors including Hansi Hansman (Hansmengroup), Alfred Lugar (Ex-Runtastic), Alex Brix (Canva), Christian Strobl (N26), Launchub Ventures, APX, Danish Chaudhry, Bernhard Niesner (Founder of Busuu/Edtech), and Niki Stadler.

Despite the growing interest in investing and personal finance driven by finfluencers, neo-brokers, and cryptocurrencies, financial literacy remains low, leading to harmful outcomes such as investment scams and excessive risk-taking. Doshi’s app tackles this issue by offering a hands-on approach to financial education. “Doshi meets young adults where they already are, helping and supporting them in making the right (financial) decisions. We believe that the founders, Daniel and Jaco, have the potential to reach the new generation where even Neobanks struggle,” stated Lucanus Polagnoli, Partner at Calm/Storm.

The additional funds will be used to expand Doshi’s unique gamified learning experiences to financial institutions. With a goal to empower these institutions, Doshi aims to provide enjoyable and interactive bite-sized learning experiences to enhance the financial literacy of their members. Furthermore, the company is developing AI-based features to personalize the learning experience, including celebrity chatskins, open-ended questions, and custom missions. “Our aim is to leverage AI to make learning about money as enjoyable as playing a game while increasing knowledge and developing financial skills,” said Jaco Koenig, CTO of Doshi.

In terms of partnerships, Doshi plans to collaborate with community-focused banks as it scales across the UK. “We have discovered that many local banks have a vested interest in promoting financial literacy in their communities,” explained Daniel Rose, CEO of Doshi. “By partnering with us, they can innovate, gain insights into their customers’ pain points, and connect with younger audiences.” Doshi’s unique approach has already found success in the education sector, with over 30 school partnerships and thousands of students benefiting from increased financial independence.

Elliot is the Editor at ABCMoney. He manages a team that writes and contributes to many leading publications across a number of industries.

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