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Seasoned City Trader James Barclay Returns to His Roots to Assist UK Retail Investors

James Barclay, a veteran with 19 years of experience on Wall Street, is bringing his expertise and knowledge to the UK through Barclay Capital Consult. With his new firm, he aims to provide retail investors with premium service and professional insights to guide them on their financial journey and help them achieve their investment goals.

James obtained his PhD in economics from King’s College, Cambridge, and embarked on his career with an internship at the esteemed family firm Barclays Capital. Through his dedication and talent, he swiftly progressed through various roles, eventually assuming the position of head of private wealth management.

In 2007, James relocated to New York City to work for Goldman Sachs on Wall Street as the VP of international development and research. During his tenure at Goldman Sachs, James collaborated closely with Lloyd Blankfein, the former CEO, and made significant contributions to the firm’s success.

Now, James has returned to his origins and established Barclay Capital Consult, with the primary objective of assisting retail investors across the UK. While he continues to manage multibillion-dollar trading accounts for some of his former clients, James also finds gratification in working with retail investors who, in his view, deserve the finest information to generate returns, just as much as his ultra-high-net-worth clients.

Equipped with his extensive knowledge, experience, and influential contacts within major financial powerhouses in both New York and “The City,” James is well-prepared to serve clients from all walks of life.

Thomas Reid, Senior Advisor at Barclay Capital Consult, expresses enthusiasm about collaborating with James, describing him as an extraordinary leader and a legend of Wall Street. Reid’s sentiments are shared by the entire team at Barclay Capital Consult, who appreciate James’ desire to assist investors who wouldn’t typically have access to his level of investment ideas and opportunities. James’s commitment to giving back is a testament to his background and journey.

James Barclay’s story is far from ordinary. Most prominent names on Wall Street and in New York City seldom cater to retail client accounts with less than £5,000,000. James offers a unique proposition: Wall Street service and information without the need for a substantial fortune to invest.

For further details regarding Barclay Capital Consult and its exceptional investment opportunities, please visit:

About Barclay Capital Consult Barclay Capital Consult is a leading investment management firm in the UK, providing strategic financial insights and access to alternative investment opportunities. The firm is led by James Barclay, a seasoned City trader with 19 years of experience.

Media Contact: (+44) 203 326 1709

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Elliot Preece
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