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Cleaning Mistakes to avoid that are causing damage to your home

Family run cleaning business, Premium Clean, have no6ced that when it comes to cleaning our homes, many people are making cleaning mistakes which are doing more harm than good to their houses, so check out the below list that they have put together and make sure you are avoiding these housework blunders to ensure your home is as clean and healthy as possible.

  1. Using Dirty Cleaning ToolsIt is essen6al that when cleaning your home, you are using clean cleaning tools. Dirty tools will spread germs and dirt around your house more than you would realise so aBer each clean, thoroughly clean any tools that you used including things such as, your mop, broom, dustpan and brush, cloths and feather dusters.
  2. Not Cleaning Before Disinfec6ngSurfaces should be thoroughly cleansed before you disinfect them because disinfectants are less effec6ve if dirt, dust, or grime is present, because it makes it harder for the chemicals to kill the bacteria so always wipe down before disinfec6ng!
  3. Rubbing Stains Instead of BloLngStains that have been rubbed into a carpet are one of the most common problems we encounter here at Premium Clean. It is so important to blot any spillages with a clean cloth or kitchen towel, to soak up as much of the liquid as possible, without rubbing! Rubbing a stain can cause the liquid to seep deeper into the carpet or upholstery which ends up causing bigger stains that become harder to remove and can even damage the fabric.
  4. Wiping Surfaces Too Soon -ABer you have sprayed an6-bacterial spray onto a surface, you must leave it for at least a couple of minutes for it to do its job and kill all the bacteria. If you wipe to soon, the cleaning spray will have preSy much the same effect as using just water.
  5. Cleaning Surfaces with Sponges -This is a big no! Sponges harbour thousands of germs and are one of the most unhygienic things we have in our kitchens. If you are cleaning surfaces with a dirty sponge, you are spreading those germs around and making your surfaces dir6er than they were to start with so ditch the sponge for a clean cloth!
  6. Using the Same Cleaning Cloth Around the HouseThis is similar to using a sponge – once you have used a cloth to clean something, it must be washed before it can be used again to clean another area. You will probably quite a few clean cloths for the cleaning of your whole house, so its good idea to purchase lots of cloths and then you can pop them in the washing machine together on a hot wash aBer every 6me you have used them. Top 6p: rinse them before you put them in the washing machine to keep your washing machine cleaner.
  7. Not Providing Proper Ven6la6onVen6la6on is as important for our houses as it is for our health. The air inside our homes can contain elevated levels of dust, moisture and odours which put the house at risk of mould growth so open your windows and doors as oBen as possible to let fresh, healthy air in for both your home and your lungs.

8. Cleaning from the Ground Up

If you are cleaning from the ground up, you are making much more work for yourself! It may not be enough for you to have really no6ced but once you start to clean the higher areas, small amounts of dust or grime that you haven’t picked up with your cloth will fall to the ground or lower surfaces. This means you will find yourself having to either go over places you have already cleaned or cleaning again sooner because the dirt and dust has built up more quickly that it should have.

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