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Amazon’s Entrepreneurial Goldrush: Unveiling the Profitable Universe of Product Imports for Online Selling

Have you ever thought about setting up an Amazon storefront? There are various ways to sell on Amazon and different ways to obtain your products. But is it worth it, and are people actually making money selling on amazon?

There are loads of ways to make money using Amazon, from selling your own handicrafts to affiliate marketing, but the top way people are making cash in 2023, is by selling their own products and even launching their e-commerce brands on amazon.

Importing Goods To Sell On Amazon

A large portion of businesses selling on Amazon are importing goods to sell from countries such as China. But why? The answer is pretty simple – profit margins. Even though importing can be expensive, when ordering goods from China to sell, you can still make healthy profits because the products themselves are cheaper than anywhere else. You can also use sea freight to import goods from China to save money, even if you don’t have a full container load of product to ship – see Less Than Container Load (LCL) shipping.

Yes, you do have to be careful about quality but there are still plenty of good quality suppliers in China. Products are plentiful too with a huge range of products to choose from, many e commerce business owners import because they can’t get hold of the goods they want in their own country.

If you’re thinking about selling on Amazon as a side hustle, pick your products carefully. You don’t want to import products that everyone is selling, look for products you genuinely love and know you will be able to sell because you’re convinced of their benefits.

Once you’ve found your feet importing goods, you can even private label products. Also referred to as white labelling, you can have products made with your branding and logo on so that it looks like you manufacture them yourself. You can have the products tweaked to make them unique or even changed significantly to meet your requirements.

Amazon’s Pick & Pack Service (FBA)

So, it’s easy to import products and easy to get started selling on Amazon, but that’s not the end of the story – you need to have the time to fulfil your orders and store your products. This suits some people, and although it is more labour intensive, you will save money.

The other option is to use Amazon’s Pick & Pack Service (FBA). In a nutshell, you can get your imported goods sent straight to Amazon, who will then fulfil your orders for you. FBA stands for “Fulfilled By Amazon”. The beauty of this is you don’t have to handle any packing and shipping, and you don’t need space to store surplus products. You can essentially run an e-commerce business without having to ever touch a product!

The downside is that this method is going to cost you more money – Amazon obviously has to take a fee for this service so you must work out whether you want to save time or money.

Whether you use Amazons Pick & Pack Service, or decide to fulfil orders yourself, selling imported products on Amazon will remain a top way to earn money for the foreseeable future.

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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