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Extending DIP Validity to 90 Days: Hampshire Trust Bank’s Strategic Move

In a significant development within the finance industry, Hampshire Trust Bank (HTB) has recently announced a substantial extension of its Decision in Principle (DIP) validity period from 30 to 90 days across its specialised mortgage product range. This expansion comes as a response to broker feedback and is aimed at streamlining communication and reducing administrative burden. In this article, we will delve into the implications of this decision, its potential impact on brokers, clients, and the industry as a whole.

Simplified Deadlines for Enhanced Efficiency

HTB’s decision to extend the DIP validity period aligns with their commitment to providing an award-winning service that caters to the evolving market conditions. By providing a single, simplified deadline, HTB aims to alleviate the frustrations often faced by brokers due to multiple timeframes before and after the issuance of a DIP. This streamlined approach is expected to foster improved communication and coordination between lenders, brokers, and their landlord or investor clients.

Enhancing Broker-Client Relationships

The extended DIP validity period not only reduces administrative burdens but also empowers brokers with more time to provide comprehensive support to their clients when it comes to financial decisions like bridging loans. By extending the validity to 90 days, brokers can now focus more effectively on exploring suitable options for their clients. This additional time allows brokers to delve deeper into clients’ needs, preferences, and financial situations, ensuring that the final recommendations are well-informed and aligned with clients’ objectives.

Market Stability and Unprecedented Interest Rate Fluctuations

The financial landscape has experienced unprecedented interest rate fluctuations in recent times. Steve Williams from Redgate Financial commended HTB’s approach in these turbulent times. With many lenders withdrawing rates at short notice, HTB’s decision to extend DIP validity shows professionalism and courtesy towards brokers and their clients. This move not only provides brokers with more time but also engenders confidence and stability in an otherwise volatile environment.

Strategic Market Positioning

Extending the DIP validity period is a strategic move for HTB, aligning well with its positioning in the market. As a specialist challenger bank, HTB focuses on providing professional investors with specialist residential and semi-commercial loans, catering to various entities such as limited companies, offshore entities, expats, and foreign nationals. This extended validity period enhances HTB’s appeal among these investors by offering more time for due diligence and decision-making.

Predicting Industry Response

While HTB’s decision is forward-thinking, it could potentially influence other lenders to reconsider their approach to DIP validity periods. As the industry witnesses this shift, it’s likely that lenders will recognise the value of providing brokers and clients with more time to navigate through the intricacies of mortgage products. This trend might pave the way for a more customer-centric approach within the finance sector, where timeframes align with clients’ needs.


Hampshire Trust Bank’s extension of the DIP validity period to 90 days signifies a progressive step in the finance industry. By addressing the needs and challenges faced by brokers and clients, HTB has taken a customer-centric approach that prioritises efficiency, stability, and effective communication. This move not only reduces administrative burden but also empowers brokers to provide enhanced services and tailored recommendations to their clients.

As the industry observes HTB’s strategic move, it wouldn’t be surprising if other lenders consider adopting similar measures to align with evolving market dynamics and client expectations. Ultimately, this extension serves as a testament to the ongoing evolution and innovation within the finance sector.

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