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Hive Digital’s crypto miner dissects the name ‘blockchain’ during AI Pivot

Hive Digital, a Vancouver-based crypto mining company, has announced the removal of the term “blockchain” from its name in a statement released on July 12. The business described the reasons for the name change as its shifting focus on revenue prospects in GPU (Graphics processing units), cloud computing, developments in AI, and support for the emerging Web Ecosystem. In a filing to the US Securities and Exchange Commission, Hive’s CEO, Aydin Kilic, claimed that the company’s entry into the GPU Cloud sector required a strategy that reflected its greater scope. There are many platforms like quantum-ai.trading which can let you trade bitcoin easy and at the same time safely.

Kilic emphasized that Hive is not solely focused on blockchain but also builds infrastructure for emerging digital technologies. Hive intends to offer small and medium-sized enterprises a more effective alternative to major cloud service providers with its fleet of 38,000 Nvidia GPUs. Kilic went on to state that according to the business, future demand for GPU systems will be significantly fueled by AI and machine learning. Hive stands out by using GPUs to mine Ether (ETH), the native token of the Ethereum network, at scale whereas most crypto mining companies concentrate on proof-of-work cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

However, the profitability of mining ETH with GPUs substantially declined once the Ethereum Merge was finished in September 2022, which changed the Ethereum blockchain to a proof-of-stake consensus method. Hive recognised that additional tech-related revenue streams needed to take centre stage as a result. The decision by Hive to drop the word “blockchain” from its name comes after Riot Blockchain, a Bitcoin mining company, made a similar move on January 3. To better reflect its expandingly broad business operations, Riot Blockchain changed its name to Riot Platforms. The name change reflects Hive Digital’s strategic pivot towards AI, GPU computing, and cloud hosting services. By embracing these emerging technologies, the company aims to position itself for growth and tap into the expanding demand for GPU computing in the AI and machine learning sectors. With its vast GPU fleet, Hive Digital is poised to provide scalable solutions to businesses while contributing to the development of the new Web3 ecosystem.

Three Key Points Highlighting

Hive Digital’s choice to drop “blockchain” from its name and change its focus to AI and GPU computing demonstrates its strategic response to new revenue opportunities and technology trends. Here are three important points highlighting the importance of this decision:

  1. Diversification beyond Blockchain: 

Hive Digital acknowledges the need to expand a focus beyond the traditional field of blockchain technology by dropping the word “blockchain” from its name. Recognising the rising need for AI and machine learning applications, the firm seeks to take advantage of the revenue potential in graphics processing units (GPUs) and cloud computing. Hive Digital can explore new development opportunities and take advantage of developing technological advances because of its diversification.

  1. Expanding Revenue Streams: 

The use of GPU computing and cloud hosting services by Hive Digital shows a strategic effort on its part to position itself as a provider of effective alternatives to well-known cloud service providers. The startup hopes to serve the needs of small and medium-sized organisations with its sizable fleet of Nvidia GPUs, capitalising on the rising demand for GPU computing in AI and machine learning. Hive Digital is in a position to gain market share in the rapidly developing AI sector through the diversification of its revenue streams.

  1. Embracing the Web3 Ecosystem:

The focus on AI and GPU computing by Hive Digital is also consistent with its goal to assist the “new Web3 ecosystem.” Decentralised applications, the blockchain, and cryptocurrencies are all included in Web3, the next iteration of the internet. Hive Digital aligns itself with the technology breakthroughs and business opportunities developing within the Web3 ecosystem by refocusing on AI and GPU computing. This places the business in a position to take part in the ongoing transformation of the digital landscape.

Wrapped up

Hive Digital’s move to drop “blockchain” from its name signifies its strategic shift towards AI, GPU computing, and cloud hosting services. By diversifying its revenue streams and embracing emerging technologies, the company positions itself for growth and expansion in the evolving landscape of the tech industry.

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