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Top 5 call tracking tactics in 2023

Call tracking is one of the most effective tools when it comes to improving your marketing efforts, which is why so many businesses are incorporating it.

However, obtaining call tracking is only the beginning.

To bring the most significant improvements to your marketing, you need to find the right tactics when using the software.

Content marketing

One effective tactic is to use call tracking software for your content marketing. This will allow you to produce the most engaging content for all your campaigns, driven by key insights.

The software will help you delve into your customers’ content preferences by showing you things like the number of conversions being generated by each campaign.

This can highlight the stronger content in your marketing strategies – whether it be a certain tone of voice or a particular subject that’s driving the calls.

You can then replicate this type of content in your other activities, knowing that the data has proven it to be favourable among your customers.

Leveraging data

In today’s ever-changing markets, leveraging data is one of the most important ways to stay on top of customer trends. Call tracking can help you identify these patterns in customer behaviour and align your marketing strategies closely with them.

You can use the software to discover things like customer needs surrounding your products. You might identify an increase in visits to certain campaigns that revolve around your product usage or specifications, for example.

This can highlight a growing trend in customers’ desire to learn more about your products – it could be a new launch on your part that’s got them intrigued.

As a result, you can alter your campaigns to focus on these aspects, therefore increasing your leads and funnelling customers more effectively to a call.

Interactive campaigns

Another great tactic to help you improve your marketing with call tracking is to enhance your interactive campaigns.

These campaigns provide a more immersive experience for your customers, not only piquing their interest but making them more likely to call. As well as this, it provides a way for call tracking to monitor your valuable leads.

You can incorporate things like surveys, polls, quizzes, or forms in your campaigns. The software can reveal the number of conversions being generated from each interaction, to help you refine which interactive campaigns are most effective.

Paid advertising

Using call tracking for your paid advertising is another great tactic to implement.

The software can track the number of conversions being generated from each of your pay-per-click- (PPC) ads, to show which are most successful at driving calls.

In turn, you can redirect the majority of your resources to the most effective PPC ads, to create a more cost-effective paid media strategy.

The software can also show the specific keywords being searched by visitors, which you can then integrate into your campaigns’ content to improve rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Customer advocacy programmes

One of the most compelling things to a customer is the opinions of other buyers. Therefore, it’s important to use customer advocacy programmes to improve your leads and sales.

You can use call tracking to identify customers with the shortest sales cycles, those who made immediate calls, or those who showed keen interest and satisfaction over the phone – something you can find with speech analytics.

These will be the customers who’ve most likely had an enjoyable experience with your business, and you can then contact them to be a part of your advocacy programme, such as leaving a review on your Google Business Profile, for example.

These testimonials will be instrumental in driving calls and sales for your business.

Call tracking software is the perfect tool for improving your marketing efforts in a variety of ways. Will you be implementing any of these tactics into your own marketing strategies?

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