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Why you should get a business cyber security health check

Cyber threats are constantly evolving. Organisations need to always be one step ahead and although this is not easy, having regular cyber security health checks can help you do this. It’s about anticipating and mitigating risk, as well as ensuring your business remains resilient and robust in the face of this modern-day threat.  Ask your existing or local IT support company to conduct one today.

We run through the main reasons you should arrange a cyber check today.

Financial loss mitigation: If you identify the risks, and put cyber security measures in place to help prevent cyber-attacks, you’re protecting your business from potential financial losses incurred due to such things as data breaches, system downtime, legal action, remediation and reputational damage etc.

Vulnerability checker: Cyber criminals look to exploit vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your systems, so it is paramount you identify any weaknesses. In order to avoid loss of sensitive data or disruption to operations, get a cyber security health check carried out on your systems, networks and infrastructure in general.

Data protection: Unauthorised access to sensitive data can be devastating. All business collect and store data such as financial records, customer and staff information, intellectual property rights etc. It is always worth reviewing how your business implements data protection and whether your current practices align with cyber security controls.

Regulation compliance: Any failures in compliance can be costly in terms of legal fees and even reputation. Do you have any compliance gaps in your current security procedures? A cyber security health check will help you identify if you do. It will also ensure that your business is in line with current recommended practices regarding business compliance.

Reputation and trust safeguarding: Maintain the trust of your customers by showing them your commitment to safeguarding their data and privacy. Being proactive in terms of cyber security and taking steps to ensure security measures are in place will instil confidence and trust. Customers are your most valuable asset, and your reputation is at stake.

Incident response strengthening: How well, or quickly, could you respond if you suffered a cyber security breach? A health check will assess this: your businesses response capabilities and response time, detection methods and recovery procedures. Breaches can, and do, happen, despite all best efforts, so it’s best to be prepared. Identifying any gaps helps with this preparation, allowing you to refine business practices, train staff and establish or update protocols.

Some reputable IT support companies will offer you a free business cyber security health check such as MF Telecom Services.  You can view a list of what they will check for you via their website.  Regardless of who you use, it is important that you check your systems regularly.  Alternatively, you can find free guides and information on the governments National Cyber Security Centre website

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