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B2Prime Development – Advanced Liquidity, Improved Regulation and Refreshed Website

As a leading worldwide Prime of Prime multi-asset liquidity provider, B2Prime is dedicated to establishing standards for the sector and meeting customers’ changing demands. Measures to improve compliance with regulatory standards, increase liquidity options, and strengthen leverage packages were put into place as part of the company’s ongoing product development. In addition to these strategic improvements, the organisation is delighted to unveil its freshly updated website.  

Together, these adjustments demonstrate B2Prime’s commitment to innovation, openness, and customer-focused service. Let’s get more specific.

Regulation – Increasing Credibility and Providing Compliance Adherence

The commitment to regulatory compliance is at the core of B2Prime’s operations, ensuring the clients’ trust and dependability. The company has made important moves to broaden its regulatory framework.

B2Prime Cyprus (CySec)

This jurisdiction was created with institutional market participants and business clients throughout Europe in mind. European brokerage houses, particularly those in Cyprus, have access to a reputable EU-regulated liquidity provider that offers a wide selection of cryptocurrency CFD pairings and other specialised financial assets like natural gas and NDFs. In addition, B2Prime Cyprus is permitted to accept corporate and institutional clients from nations outside the EU, including Malaysia, the Cayman Islands, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Kuwait, and Vietnam, among others. 

B2Prime Mauritius (FSC Mauritius)

B2Prime Mauritius, the organisation’s newest regulatory addition, serves institutional market participants and business clients outside Europe. For this jurisdiction, a cutting-edge settlement flow solution was introduced. Fiat (EUR/USD) and digital currencies (major coins including stablecoins) are now supported for deposits and withdrawals when settling to the margin account on platforms like OneZero and Prime XM. This offer is made for brokers who choose fully regulated liquidity providers over foreign firms that lack transparency and reliability. It offers the choice to settle financial transactions using digital currencies for people who cannot make fiat deposits through bank accounts. Consequently, licensed brokers in Mauritius now have access to crypto CFDs, NDF CFDs, and various other CFD assets through a partnership with a regulated liquidity provider inside the same jurisdiction.

The company, which is registered in two jurisdictions — B2Prime Cyprus (CySec) and B2Prime Mauritius (FSC Mauritius) — maintains a coordinated strategy. Due to the company’s commitment to uniformity and openness across all of its goods and services for the customers, both jurisdictions have a single website and commercial offer structure.

A Wider Range of Liquidity Options

The firm is thrilled to provide its wide choice of instruments, all of which are easily accessible through a single margin account, in recognition of the importance of a multi-asset liquidity offering. The 93 crypto CFD pairings’ 24/7 streaming liquidity is its most notable feature. The firm is leading an unmatched liquidity offering among all EU-regulated liquidity providers. It is accessible through FIX API on famous platforms like OneZero and PrimeXM and offers a competitive 10% margin on main Crypto CFD pairs and 1% on FX pairings.

The detailed instrument lineup from B2Prime is broken out as follows:

The customers of this ground-breaking solution would be able to maximise their capital efficiency, giving them a clear competitive edge. B2Prime’s aggregation approach enables it to provide the best spreads the market has yet to see while its financing costs remain among the lowest in the sector.

Provided that, Offering NDFs as CFDs is an innovative approach and can not be commonly found in the industry. Additionally, margin requirements were reduced on 10 more crypto CFD instruments. In other words, the company only applies 10% as a margin requirement or 1 to 10 leverage. Reducing margin requirements means brokers can access greater exposure with less upfront capital, highlighting the company’s commitment to providing unparalleled liquidity options.

Up-to-date Distribution Ways

How B2Prime delivers its solutions is determined by its distribution techniques. Serving a large number of international financial institutions calls for unmatched technological proficiency. The team at B2Prime is dedicated to offering exceptional institutional multi-asset liquidity, together with cutting-edge aggregation and distribution technology instruments. Among the company’s offerings, clients have the option to choose tech providers like OneZero and Prime XM. In addition, its liquidity can be added to any FIX API-compatible solution to improve it.

B2Prime provides bridge gateways for MT5 and bridge plugins for MT4 for brokers using MetaTrader. These can be accessible using native OneZero/PXM solutions or, for those who already have a Trading Liquidity Hub, via Hub-to-Hub connections.

Furthermore, the organisation has easily linked with a number of systems using the FIX API standard, including cTrader, Centroid HUB, T4B Trading engine, YourBurse Hub, Match-Trader platform, DXTrader platform, and FxQubic Bridge. One day is all it takes for a single prime margin account to become operational after a broker has finished onboarding with B2Prime. This covers access to all accessible pairs per the company’s specification list and the whitelisting of IP addresses.  

Exceptionally Beneficial Margin Requirement Policy

The terms of business for B2Prime’s multi-asset liquidity were designed to give clients a competitive edge at the lowest possible cost. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Setup of the Prime Margin Account is provided at no cost.
  • One FIX API connector or one Hub-to-Hub connector is included in the $1,000 minimum monthly liquidity fee.
  • The MT Gateway/Bridge has an optional monthly cost of $1,000.
  • The account, which may be used for trading, requires a minimum deposit of $10,000.

The charges mentioned above will be deducted from the total monthly commission fees determined by the volume transacted.

What Does a Brand-New B2Prime Website Offer?

Along with the company’s service improvements, its website underwent a comprehensive redesign to match its sector-leading multi-asset institutional liquidity offering. The new design is organised clearly, allowing simple navigation and rapid access to crucial information. The user’s experience has been prioritised throughout the implementation of each update, which also optimises functionality and information presentation.

All the new features that the company has introduced or redesigned are listed below:

  • Visual Air Reduction – The website was made more efficient by reducing visual commotion, resulting in a more concentrated, clutter-free information experience.
  • Compact Blocks – All blocks were optimised, reducing unnecessary information while keeping the information’s core. This guarantees that each block is succinct, improving navigation and readability.
  • Location-Based Redirection – The website now intelligently reroutes users based on their location, a feature that not only improves user experience but also helps the sales team identify the source of leads.
  • Header & Footer Revamp – In accordance with the most recent UX/UI standards, the company has updated its header and footer to be more condensed, ensuring quick access to critical links and data.

Together, these modifications offer a clearer, more streamlined understanding of the company’s principles and offerings.

A New Step in B2Prime’s Development

B2Prime is a model of dependability with updated and improved regulatory compliance frameworks in place. Its unique advantage is its wide range of liquidity alternatives, particularly the unmatched selection of 93 Crypto CFD pairs. It is the top tier-1 regulated liquidity provider in the sector thanks to these pairs, which are accessible 24/7 and offer a competitive 10% leverage for key ones. The newly improved website further demonstrates the company’s ingenuity and expertise.

The company will use its appearance at the iFX Cyprus Expo to demonstrate its commitment further. The world will be introduced to B2Prime’s most recent breakthroughs and extensive offers at this prestigious conference, which will be attended by the most accomplished experts in the industry.

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