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Celebrating the Republic’s 100th Year with the debut of Izmir’s Digital Currency

Turkiyes inaugural city-focused cryptocurrency is set to launch. Anticipated to become the digital heartbeat of Izmirs social life, this ground-breaking token will debut in a pre-sale on 29 October, coinciding with the centennial celebrations of the Republic.

London — As the number of fan tokens, designed to symbolise fansallegiance to their teams and currently listed on CoinMarketCap, nears 90, preparations for Turkiyes inaugural city-centred token, inspired by this trend, have concluded. Conceived by Barış Turgut, an entrepreneur and communications specialist from Izmir, and developed by Batufi Soft, the Izmir Token will premiere in a pre-sale on the Bzetmex cryptocurrency exchange on 29 October Republic Day, marking the centenary of the Republic of Türkiye.

Commenting on the initiative, the Founder Barış Turgut remarked, The Izmir Token, which has been in development for some time, aims to encapsulate the vibrant social life of a city onto the blockchain. Were thrilled and honoured to launch this pioneering project, centred on one of our nation’s most beautiful cities, Izmir, during the pre-sale on 29 October Republic Day, as we commemorate the 100th year of our Republic.”

Introducing the must-haveDigital Currency to engage in Izmirs vibrant social life

The Izmir Token, crafted for residents of Izmir, tourists visiting the city, and those deeply connected to Izmir, aims to offer opportunities for users to engage with unique Izmir-centric events and promotions soon. Written on the Ethereum ERC-20 network and claiming the title as the worlds inaugural city token, the Izmir Token will be available for pre-sale at a set price on the local cryptocurrency exchange, Bzetmex, from 29 October. Following the pre-sale, the value of the Izmir Token will be dictated by market dynamics, responding to supply and demand. Furthermore, token holders can look forward to earning staking income.

Barış Turgut, highlighting their intention to introduce an innovative blockchain concept to Izmir, shared, The Izmir Token is conceptualised as a utility token. In the medium term, as regulatory guidelines for digital assets within our nation become more established, were also considering the feasibility of using Izmir Token as a mode of payment in public venues. The token has attracted interest from international investors familiar with the project and will be made available on the Bzetmex cryptocurrency exchange for all affiliated with Izmir starting 29 October. Those who acquire the Izmir Token can securely store it in their digital or cold wallets, and will soon discover the exclusive benefits, which we will explore at upcoming events in and around Izmir.”

5-year vision to showcase Izmir to the world

Barış Turgut emphasised that the creation of the Izmir Token wasnt merely as an investment mechanism, but also to enable Izmir to tap into the potential of blockchain technology and bolster its prominence in the software sector. What truly excites us about the Izmir Token is our ambitious 5-year vision. During this half-decade, we envisage a range of training programmes and events, particularly designed for Izmirs youth, to acquaint them with the realm of blockchain and enhance their digital and technological proficiency.

The economic momentum generated by Izmir Token will fuel investments in both businesses and sports clubs within Izmir. Were poised to promote Izmir, which annually plays host to over 11 significant fairs, globally through the Izmir Token. This will be a call to action for global investors to recognise and invest in the Izmir Token. Beyond just these fairs, our global marketing initiatives will spotlight the Izmir Token — the worlds pioneering city token — and the city from which it originated, presenting it to an international audience. Down the line, were also keen to explore promising areas like NFTs and the metaverse.”

Destined to become one of Turkiye’s most extensive crypto communities

Drawing attention to the fact that Izmir is Turkiyes third-largest city, with a populace nearing 4.5 million, entrepreneur Barış Turgut concluded, We’re actively engaging with prominent communities and NGOs within Izmir that have yet to embrace the crypto and blockchain landscape. As these entities warm up to the Izmir Token, we anticipate our collective to transform into one of Turkiye’s most expansive crypto communities. This will also usher in a fresh wave of users to cryptocurrency markets in the country. It fills us with immense pride to embark on this journey, especially as it coincides with 29 October Republic Day, marking the centennial celebration of our Republic.”

Contact: Barış Turgut

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