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Captivating Corporate Nomads: Attracting Business Travelers to Your Vacation Rental Property

A common goal of vacation rental platform hosts is to attract travelers and adventurers into their space. In particular, many hosts hope to attract business travelers to their properties. The rationale stems from several factors including regularity in reservations, financial appeal due to larger budgets, weekday reservations, reduced wear and tear, and consistency in reviews and ideas. But in order to make this goal and aspiration attainable, you must have a thorough comprehension of the prerequisites. We will look at the top strategies for drawing business travelers to your vacation home.

Top Strategies for Drawing Business Travelers to Your Vacation Rental Home

These are the best practices to ensure that business travelers will be interested in your property listing on vacation rental software and booking platforms.

Highlighting business-friendly features in your listing

In order to make sure that business travelers are drawn to your property on vacation rental platforms, it is a good idea to emphasize in your listing any features that are conducive to business. This generates an interest in your property, which is useful in convincing business travelers to choose your property for their lodging needs. A dedicated workspace, fast Wi-Fi, accessibility to business centers, and other business-oriented amenities are a few of the business-friendly features that you should emphasize in your property listing. You can make money on Airbnb and other vacation rental booking platforms by using this practice, which works well.

Providing discounts for business travelers

Another clever tactic to sway business travelers’ decisions to reserve your property is to offer them a discount on booking rates. Business travelers frequently have tight budgets, so offering a discount increases the financial appeal of your property, particularly for longer stays or repeat reservations. Furthermore, some businesses frequently send their employees on business trips. By providing a discount, you enable these businesses to make your short-term rental a repeat destination for their employees.

Positive feedback from business travelers

Another essential strategy to draw business travelers to your property is to work toward having positive reviews and ratings from business travelers on your property listing. The rationale is that business guests who have stayed at your property are aware of the kinds of attributes that business travelers look for. Their familiarity with your property enables them to provide other business travelers with firsthand information that may persuade them to reserve your space. Positive reviews also enhance one’s reputation, credibility, and ability to influence future business travelers’ decisions to book.

Provision of business-related amenities 

Offering necessary amenities that are appealing to business travelers is another clever way to draw them into your space. These amenities include high-speed Wi-Fi, a dedicated workspace, a printer and scanner, meeting space, 24-hour check-in, security features, hair dryers, and laundry facilities. Additionally, you should provide business travelers with access to appliances like a refrigerator, microwave, and coffee maker on your property. These all help to increase the attraction of your vacation rental home for business visitors.


This article has explored the most effective practices for attracting business travelers to your vacation rental property. You can be sure that you will achieve higher occupancy rates of business travelers if you prioritize these practices.

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