Friday, June 14, 2024

Prosper Unveils Crowdfunding Campaign, Invites Public to Disrupt Wealth Industry

Wealth-tech Pioneer, Prosper, Partners with Crowdcube to Offer Investment Opportunity Alongside Fintech Trailblazers

Prosper, the innovative wealth-tech firm, has made a significant announcement, granting early access to its crowdfunding campaign and extending an open invitation to the public to join the movement aimed at reshaping the wealth industry in favor of customers.

In an exclusive collaboration with Crowdcube, Prosper has initiated a crowdfunding round that provides a distinctive opportunity for individuals to invest alongside renowned founders, investors, and operators in the fintech realm. Notable figures among Prosper’s current shareholders include Tom Blomfield, Monzo’s founder; Matt Cooper, co-founder of Capital One; and Phil Bungey, former COO of robo-advisor Nutmeg, alongside founders of prominent fintechs such as WorldFirst, Embark, Azimo, Tandem Bank, and more.

Nick Perrett, CEO of Prosper,
Nick Perrett, CEO of Prosper,

Having opened its doors to founding members just a few months ago, Prosper has experienced rapid growth, introducing Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP), Individual Savings Account (ISA), and general investment accounts for its members. The ongoing funding round invites customers to actively participate in Prosper’s mission to revolutionize wealth management, redistributing financial control back to individuals and positioning itself as the first wealth brand people trust and love.

Prosper’s Three Pillars of Customer-Centric Proposition:

  1. Highest Cash Interest Rates: Prosper is set to offer some of the highest cash interest rates in the market, ensuring transparency for users regarding potential earnings. The platform commits to keeping members informed of rate changes, preventing them from missing out on better deals, regardless of the underlying bank.
  2. Zero-Cost Index Funds: Already live with zero-cost index funds from major asset managers like Vanguard, Blackrock, and Fidelity, Prosper aims to eliminate charges for certain assets, maximizing the returns for its members.
  3. Access to Private Market Investments: Prosper plans to provide access to private market investments for sophisticated, high-net-worth individuals, emphasizing their potential to outperform public market alternatives and form a crucial part of future-century portfolios.

Nick Perrett, CEO of Prosper, expressed, “It’s time that the people who help you with your money are motivated to keep more in your pocket, not theirs.” Perrett highlighted the long-standing issues of high, hidden fees and outdated technology in the industry, emphasizing Prosper’s commitment to disrupting the wealth management sector and returning benefits to its members.

Prosper welcomes supporters to invest in the crowdfunding campaign, with investment options ranging from £118 to £500,000. The low threshold aims to ensure broad community participation, allowing as many Prosper customers as possible to be part of the movement to disrupt wealth for the next generation.

Individuals interested in joining Prosper’s revolutionary initiative can sign up for early access here.

Cautionary Note: Prosper issues a crowdfunding risk warning, advising potential investors to be prepared for the high-risk nature of this investment and acknowledging the unlikely protection in case of unforeseen challenges. Interested parties are urged to take two minutes to learn more.

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