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Technology & The Human Touch: Welcome to Customer Service in the Digital Age

There is a general consensus that the human touch is gradually being removed from modern-day customer service. When individuals who hold this belief are asked why they think this is happening, technology tends to be the culprit. There is a feeling that physical locations are becoming less and less common, thus removing direct human contact. Moreover, many businesses are choosing to employ artificial intelligence in the form chat-bots to take the place of actual humans, making it impossible to even have a conversation on the phone.

While it is difficult to argue with these points, it would be incredibly naive to think that customer service could remain the same in the digital age. The key here as a business is to strike a balance. You need to take advantage of the transformative technologies that are readily available, while still providing customers with the feeling that they are actually being listened to on a human level. As a result of this new phenomenon within the business world, we decided to put this article together in order to introduce you to the ideal approach to customer service in the digital age when it comes to communication.

A Customer-Centric Approach

Despite new technologies completely revolutionising what it means to do business, there are some things that simply do not change. Customer centricity is the ability of people within a business to understand their customers’ situations, perceptions, wants, needs, and expectations. While technology has meant that these have changed, technology can also help make sure that you attain the standards required in the modern age.

In a sense, customer service today is somewhat of a paradox. People want to be able to find the information they need on their own, so you need to ensure that you have a clear and concise website and/or social media presence. However, they also want to be able to talk through something with a representative on the occasions that they require further, personalised assistance.

By providing a click to call software on your website, you are bringing your business into the 21st century. A click-to-call widget simplifies everything for the customer in terms of communication. With just one click, customers are able to initiate a phone call directly from your website or application. 

This will encourage visitors to request a call, after which they will be connected with the first available customer service agent. When we said that some things don’t change, putting the customer first and making it as simple as this is what we meant. Moreover, the business will benefit by attracting new customers in the process.

By removing the hassle of manually dialling a phone number and then waiting for a consultant to answer, you are making the most of modern-day technology, and catering to the needs and wants of digital natives, all while reintroducing the human touch to your business’s customer service experience. 

The Bottom Line

It is this blend if technology and personalization that can set a company apart in this new era of business. 

The customer will be happy with their catered service, and the business can start increasing both their leads and their revenue in an instant.

Claire James
Claire Jameshttp://www.firedigitaluk.com
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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