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Renowned Trainer Lauren Langman Unleashes Groundbreaking Dog Training Methods at Devon Dogs: A Canine Haven of Innovation

Acclaimed dog trainer Lauren Langman has created numerous programmes, retreats, and resources that help dog owners and trainers all over the world overcome training challenges. She offers these provisions via three businesses — Bowerland Holiday Cottages, Devon Dogs, and Absolute Dogs — which all operate from her state-of-the-art training site in Okehampton.

Here’s an overview of the dog training offerings that Lauren Langman’s ventures offer.

1. Bowerland Holiday Cottages

Bowerland Cottages is the home of Lauren Langman’s highly sought-after Stay-and-Train Retreats. Owners bring their dog(s) to a luxury cottage and follow a custom training plan during their peaceful break in the Devonshire countryside.

Owners book a three-, four-, or seven-night stay with a set number of one-to-one and group training hours. A personal trainer curates their training experience to ensure they receive the support they need.

Each Stay-and-Train package also includes access to:

  • Online classes.
  • A Bake Off Workshop and at least one additional workshop.
  • The Sexier Than a Squirrel Challenge.
  • A notepad and pen.
  • A gift voucher.

Those who book a retreat stay in one of Lauren Langman’s cosy cottages. Until recently, guests could choose from five accommodations. Now, Lauren Langman has opened two brand-new cottages a short walk away from the site, allowing larger groups to visit.

These are the seven cottages now on offer.

Tor View Studio

Tor View Studio welcomes guests to a snug, one-bedroom barn conversion in the Devon Moors. A gated courtyard and enclosed garden keep this studio private. Guests enjoy a break away from daily life, making the most of underfloor heating and floor-to-ceiling blinds for toasty nights in.

Essential Details

  • Sleeps up to two humans and two dogs.
  • Parking for one car.
  • One-minute walk to the dog training site.
  • Access to the enclosed Naughty But Nice Sand Arena included.
  • £380 per night for three-night stays with training, or £375 per night for four-night stays with training.

The Annexe Studio

The Annexe Studio offers a peaceful countryside break for owners seeking social isolation while training their dog(s). The studio was originally part of the historic Bowerland Farmhouse, which is over 800 years old.

Today, Lauren Langman and her team have outfitted the accommodation with modern amenities. Inside this luxury cottage, guests will find underfloor heating, a bath for post-training soaks, and a dog training storage shed.

Guests can step out of the studio’s classic French doors onto a pretty terrace with a bistro table — perfect for al fresco meals. There’s also a fully enclosed private garden for dogs to run free.

Essential Details

  • Sleeps up to two humans and two dogs.
  • Parking for one car.
  • One-minute walk to the dog training site.
  • £380 per night for three-night stays with training, or £375 per night for four-night stays with training.

Dartmoor Inn Studio

Not only is the historic Dartmoor Inn Studio one of the original Bowerland barns, but Lauren Langman has retained all its original features. Bowerland also produces water via a borehole and light via solar technology for this studio.

The open-plan cottage invites guests to enjoy peaceful evenings after a day of dog training and muddy walks. The underfloor heating, floor-to-ceiling blinds, and cosy aesthetic are perfect for relaxing while listening to the local barn owls.

Essential Details

  • Sleeps up to two humans and two dogs.
  • Parking for one car.
  • One-minute walk to the dog training site.
  • Access to the enclosed Naughty But Nice Sand Arena included.
  • £328 per night for seven-night stays with training.

Old Dairy Cottage

As Bowerland’s first cottage, the Old Dairy is especially popular with guests. Its rustic features, including a wood burner, make for a cosy stay. This cottage also offers a conservatory that overlooks a tranquil garden and patio seating area.

On top of this, guests can enjoy a herb garden and use the herbs in their food and drinks. Lauren Langman and her team have a host of herb combinations to recommend.

Essential Details

  • Sleeps up to two humans and three dogs. Add up to two more dogs for £100 per week.
  • Parking for one car.
  • One-minute walk to the dog training site.
  • £328 per night for seven-night stays with training.

Parsley Cottage

Perfect for families, Parsley Cottage offers warm, peaceful stays in the sleepy village of Germansweek. The refurbished cottage features several amenities, including a wood burner, shower room, and dog training garage.

Guests enjoy bird-watching in the cottage’s enclosed garden, which features a pond for the resident Bowerland fish. Six-foot fencing surrounds this pond to keep the garden safe for dogs.

Essential Details

  • Sleeps up to four humans and three dogs. Add up to two more dogs for £100 per week.
  • Parking for one car.
  • 20-minute walk to the dog training site.
  • £328 per night for seven-night stays with training.

The Latest Accommodations: Leafy Nook Cottage and Holly Hock Cottage

Lauren Langman has now opened two brand-new barn conversions: Leafy Nook Cottage and Holly Hock Cottage. These are perfect for larger groups of family and/or friends in search of deluxe accommodation.

Ideal for those who want to pair their dog training with a luxury break, each cottage comes with an outdoor hot tub; comfy garden furniture; and a two-acre, fully fenced grass arena for dogs to roam.

Inside both cottages, guests will find:

  • Three spacious bedrooms, each with comfortable bedding and a television.
  • Three luxurious bathrooms.
  • A well-appointed lounge with stylish furniture, a statement fireplace, and a high-quality smart television.
  • A dining area and a large kitchen with modern appliances for self-catering. These appliances include a double oven, washer, and dryer.

Upon arrival, guests will find thoughtful extras, like welcome drinks and biscuits, a raised dog bed, and logs for the wood burner.

The cottages enjoy a serene location on a farm with three lakes. One of these lakes is stocked with tench, roach, and carp for fishing. The farm also offers a play area for children, complete with swings, a trampoline, a sandpit, and a trapeze. On top of this, guests can visit the farm animals and collect free-range eggs from the chickens.

This truly beautiful getaway positions guests in the heart of Devon’s picturesque landscapes, with plenty of access to moorland walks. Despite being in a quiet corner, the cottages are also close to several pubs.

Essential Details

  • Both cottages sleep up to six humans and unlimited dogs.
  • Ample off-road parking.
  • 20-minute walk to the dog training site.
  • £475 per night for seven-night stays with training.

2. Devon Dogs

While many owners book multi-night dog training retreats at Bowerland Cottages, others choose from the wide array of training offers available at Devon Dogs. Operating at the same site, Devon Dogs’ training provisions include the following.

In-Person One-to-One Training

Devon Dogs’ in-person one-to-one training includes:

  • Hourly training. Owners can reserve 3, 5, 10, 15, or 20 hours of training at times that suit them. Those with reactive, nervous, or aggressive dogs often choose this training if they are worried about how their dog will respond in a group setting. Prices start at £180 for three hours.
  • The Puppy Welcome Package. Ideal for owners who have just brought a new puppy home, this package includes everything you need to make puppy training easier. Owners follow a custom training plan, designed to meet their puppy’s unique needs. This plan can include 3, 5, 10, 15, or 20 hours of training. Prices start at £180 for the three-hour package.

In-Person Group Training

Devon Dogs’ in-person group training includes:

  • The Life Skills Foundation. This programme shows owners how to train their dogs to develop their confidence, play crate and boundary games, strengthen their relationships with people, and feel comfortable during grooming or handling, amongst other skills. The Life Skills Foundation is £65 per month.
  • Monthly classes. These classes make training accessible for dog owners who can’t commit to weekly training sessions. Participants spend three hours on one Sunday each month practising training games and bonding with their dogs. Monthly classes are £55 per month.
  • Fun-filled retreats. Devon Dogs hosts many retreats every year, spanning from single training days to two-week retreats with a Bowerland Cottage stay. Each retreat dives into a different dog training niche. Retreats include Scent Focused Week, International Week, the Heelwork to Music Retreat, and the award-winning Naughty But Nice Retreat. Prices start at £1,348.50.
  • The Agility Foundation Training. Lauren Langman crafts lesson plans for this popular group training, which suits dogs of all abilities. The agility champion has won high-profile competitions like Crufts and Olympia. The Agility Foundation training is £65 per month.

In-Person Offers for Dog Trainers

Devon Dogs’ in-person offers for dog trainers include:

  • The Shadow a Trainer Programme. After a Zoom planning session, budding trainers spend three hours practising their training with Devon Dogs’ stooge dogs. They then shadow a trainer for eight hours of lessons, develop lesson plans, and plot business growth strategies. On top of this, they have access to three months of PDT Elite Monthly Calls. The Shadow a Trainer Programme is £795.
  • The Pro Dog Trainer Workshops. These workshops allow Pro Dog Trainers to step up their confidence, knowledge, teaching, public speaking, and classroom management skills. Trainers practise playing games with dogs of different breeds to meet their different needs. Workshop prices vary. Not a Pro Dog Trainer yet and want to find out more? Here are the details.

Online Dog Training

Devon Dogs’ online training includes:

  • Monday and Wednesday online classes. On these evenings, Devon Dogs holds consistency classes for owners and dogs of all abilities. Monday and Wednesday classes are £65 per month.
  • The Sexier Than a Squirrel Challenge. This challenge invites owners to complete 25 days of video tuition, during which they learn a selection of effective training games. The Sexier Than a Squirrel Challenge is £27.
  • The Dog Trainer Online Masterclasses. On the first Sunday of every month, Devon Dogs invites aspiring and established dog trainers to these masterclasses. Participants receive behind-the-scenes insights into how Devon Dogs operates its successful training and solve any queries with specialist trainers. The Dog Trainer Online Masterclasses are £50 per month.
  • Online workshops on themes of every imaginable kind. Whether you want to learn gundog games, tricks, or recall, there’s a workshop for everyone. Devon Dogs also regularly holds Bake-Off-themed workshops, often in line with public holidays like Christmas and New Year. Workshop prices vary.
  • Consultation calls. These calls support those who need bespoke advice on their training approach. Consultation calls start at £100 for one hour.
  • Business consultation calls. These calls support those who would like to launch a dog training business and need advice to get their venture off the ground. Consultation calls start at £100 for one hour.

3. Absolute Dogs

Lauren Langman’s third business, Absolute Dogs, offers yet more dog training provisions. Most of Absolute Dogs’ offerings are virtual, allowing owners everywhere to develop their training skills. Absolute Dogs offers:

  • Digital training courses. These courses delve into every training challenge imaginable, from difficulties keeping your dog calm to improving your dog’s obedience. Course prices vary.
  • Games Club. This club welcomes owners to a community of like-minded people who are shaping their training success with rewards-based games. Owners follow a “Success Path” that walks them through over 300 training videos as they level up to become a Games Master. Games Club is £30 per month.
  • Pro Dog Trainer Club. This club brings dog owners together in a community with four learning streams: Dog Trainer Knowledge Week, Instructor Magic Week, Trainer’s Toolkit Week, and Resourcefulness. What’s more, members have access to Games Club and several other bonuses. Pro Dog Trainer Club is £65 per month and is open to those who have started or completed Absolute Dogs’ Pro Dog Trainer Course.
  • Free resources. Dog owners can supplement their learning with Absolute Dogs’ tips-packed podcast, blog, videos, and e-books.

About Lauren Langman

Lauren Langman is the mind behind some of the highest-profile dog training courses, programmes, workshops, retreats, and resources in the world. She has brought together a global community of dog owners and trainers through her offerings, connecting these individuals while empowering them to build confidence and mastery in their dog training.

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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