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Digital Maximalism is The New Trend for UX in 2024

Digital maximalism is the latest trend for 2024. The trend of overstimulation is being welcomed after a phase of minimalism. Bold typography, numerous animated elements and vibrant colours on a single webpage are becoming the norm, as brands aim for expressive and visually striking websites. The reason for this latest trend appears to be that companies are prioritising engagement over more traditional forms of navigation. Many brands are embracing digital maximalism as it helps them target their demographics with much more efficiency.

How Digital Maximalism Can Be Adopted

The casino sector is a prime example of how digital maximalism can be adopted in a way that enhances the consumer’s experience. Slot games such as Big Bass Splash, Buffalo King Megaways and Gold Horsey Winner all have bright, vivid themes with colourful animations and pop-up notifications for in-game events. With that being said, none of it is overwhelming, as it’s adopted in a way that still puts the UX first.

People browsing the site can still find everything they need, without being overstimulated by the vivid on-screen elements being shown.

At the end of the day, overstimulation through digital maximalism can be harmful to the user experience, if it is not used properly. To strike a fine balance, designers have to make sure that the visual elements they are using are pleasing while ensuring that they are both manageable and easy to use.

Legible text should provide the option to mute or even pause audio, with alt text for each image so that users can browse sites comfortably. By incorporating elements like this, designers can stop websites from becoming overstimulating and difficult to use, which is critical if you want to create the best experience possible for your target demographic.

Maximalism Design Characteristics

The application of adopting maximalism in UX usually encompasses using eye-catching colours. Multiple fonts, layered images and opposing colours also help to create clashes of visual elements, with repeated graphical elements used to create mesmerising yet consistent effects. With maximalism, little-to-no white space is used in an attempt to make each section as impactful as possible. Even though maximalism is about being bold and brash, visual hierarchy is important to discern between clusters of vivid content.

Designers have to appoint visual hierarchy to determine what goes where with deliberate choices made to enhance the UX. User interfaces are transformed, in a way that not only makes the design eye-catching but also easy to navigate.

Unique and authentic digital experiences that evoke optimism and strength are now trending more than ever, with creativity and individuality appearing at the forefront of branding strategies. Even though we may be seeing the end of minimalism, maximalism is on the rise, paving the way for new and exciting brand strategies that evoke a range of emotions within the target user. As time goes on, trends will continue to change, but it would not be surprising to see AI and MR implemented more, creating an all-encompassing journey that helps users get the personalised experiences they want.

Claire James
Claire Jameshttp://www.firedigitaluk.com
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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